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Jun 8, 2011 06:17 PM

Islamorada & Key West

Going with 4 other ladies from work for 2 nights. We have two who are very fussy eaters (no fish, chicken only, no veggies, etc...) and most on a tight budget. Two are pretty open minded and I'm dying to try new wonderful places but because of everyone's budget constraints, I'm going to go along with the masses. *sigh*

I searched Chow and put together a list of what I thought were fairly low or moderately priced and had some landlubbing options. Any advice or add ons? Thanks :)

Key West

Blue Heaven,
729 Thomas St
Breakfast or lunch

7 Fishes
corner of Elizabeth and Olivia Streets

El Siboney
Cuban food
900 Catherine St

Half Shell Raw Bar
231 Margaret St

B.O.’s Fishwagon
801 Caroline St.

Cuban Coffee Queen (Cuban coffee
)284 Margaret

Santiago’s Bodega
Tapas (small plates
)207 Petronia Street

B O's Fish Wagon
801 Caroline St

Key Largo/Islamorada

MM 94.5 Islamorada

Pilot House
13 Seagate Boulevard MM 99.5

Island Grill
85501 Overseas Highway

The Fish House
MM 102.4 Ocean side

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  1. It's little ways from Islamorada, but I used to go to Ballyhoo's in Key Largo. I haven't been there in several years, but they used to be consistent on food quality and not too highly priced by Keys standards. Anyway, it is at MM97.8 in the median.

    As far Key West goes you have a fairly good list. I wouldn't say that some of those are inexpensive but it is a decent variety. Actually, I am down in Key West right now. Based on others reviews I plan on trying Garbo's Grill (a food cart) either today or tomorrow....known for fish tacos or burritos....not chicken, but you could possibly swing by there and grab one for yourself. I will post back with a review if I remember. I will be hitting the Cuban Coffee Queen, probably El Siboney, possibly La Trattoria, and probably grabbing some breakfast at the Banana Cafe since it is just around the corner. I may even hit Ambrosia for some sushi.
    Well, have fun on your trip and let us know how it went. Where are you guys staying?.....oh yeah, two nights is way too short!!!!

    La Trattoria Restaurant
    524 Duval St, Key West, FL 33040

    900 Catherine St, Key West, FL 33040

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    1. re: kempshark

      Oh great, tell me about the places you end up going to!

      I wish we could stay longer, but $$$ is an issue and no PTO. We are staying at the Hampton Inn in Islamorada (employee discount) and the Marriott in KW (someone's exhusband is giving us his Amex points) :) Not sure which Marriott though. I'll look into the Trattoria too. We'll all probably end up at a bar eating bar food, knowing the group I'm going with lol. But I want to be prepared at least for lunch and breakfast!

      Thanks so much!

      1. re: kempshark

        We loved the fish tacos at Garbo's grill. Did you ever get a chance to go?

      2. Yes yes yes. 7 fish is one of the best in Key West. Also try Cafe Marquesa (best fish dish I've ever had) and Michael's. Salsa Loca has some great queso, guac, salsa, and a great atmosphere too.

        Salsa Loca
        918 Duval St, Key West, FL 33040

        1. Oyster Ho..... From your past post I think you live near me..I am on south Palmway..... Anyway. I was in the keys last weekend... I have been to the keys many , many times... I made a stop to an out of the way place last weekend.... Buzzards Roost at Mile Marker 106.2.......It was one of the best keys meals I have ever had.........My favorite was their Ceviche... KindA OUT OF THE WAY, BUT THE FOOD WAS FANTASTIC..

          1. Sorry about the caps....It's my dam fingers

            1. OysterHo...... Looking at your choices :
              Island Grill is very good but expensive for what you get.
              fish house is also good but very tight inside... The Encore next door is nice
              Snappers is not what it used to by
              Good choice in Key West...Half Shell has great oysters..

              CCheck to see if Randy Roberts is at the LaTiDa.Best show ever...

              Also...... Check out Robbies at MileMarker 77 and feed the Tarpon.Cheap entertainment and great fun.