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Jun 8, 2011 05:30 PM

Where to eat near Mann Center for Performing Arts

Hey there - taking a 2.5 hour trip down to see a concert this weekend, and am wondering where to eat...any suggestions for food either close by or at site? We're Philly newbies....

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  1. From a website ....


    Wolfgang Puck Catering has replaced Stephen Starr Catering this year. Crescendo restaurant, which is a 180-seat buffet tent offering will become a first come, first serve lounge on rock show nights so you don’t need reservations. But for all other concerts, reservations start at 6 p.m. Call (215) 546-7900 ext. 123.

    In addition, there are three bars throughout the grounds; one at Crescendo, one at PECO Plaza and another down by the press gate. Other concessions include Independence Grill, which serves burgers and other American fare, all catered by Wolfgang Puck as well.

    The Mann is the in the middle of Fairmount park (Philadelphia's answer to Central Park) and there are no food venues very close. So either eat before or eat at the limited concessions listed above. SOme folks can give you some suggestions for places in the Art Museum area or in West Philadelphia closer to the venue.

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      I got an email from the Mann Center today advertising a $39 buffet at Crescendo that I could make reservations for and prepay. Here's the menu:

      I'm guessing you're coming to town for the same concert Friday night that I am. I'm coming from four hours away, and I usually just get something on the road when I go to the Mann Center. Hopefully you get some good suggestions before I hit the road Friday afternoon!

    2. I suspect is closest. I haven't been there but there are some threads about it.

      1. if you sit on the grass or do that before you go to your seats --you can bring a picnic to the Mann. that's what lots of people do for the orchestra concerts... that may be your best bet

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          There are different rules for orchestra and non orchestra concerts. The latter you are not allowed to bring your own food or beverages in.

        2. This info is four years old. Are there any new and more recent suggestions for a pre-show meal close by to the Mann Center? Thanks.

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            I dont think much has changed, except that Cochon Noir is gone, and the Mann now has some food trucks park at the top of the hill (not sure if at all shows). Lots of variety, though the actual food was hit or miss in my experience (no different than other gatherings of food trucks).

          2. My first choice is always farm to table. Without that as an option, I love a chance for good Indian food, since its not easily available now that I'm in South Jersey. Saffron looks close, and it seems to have some fans on this board. Do you think that's a good choice?