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Jun 8, 2011 05:12 PM

almost east end seafood

any suggestions for good seafood (crabs) from say patchogue to hampton bays on the south shore or port jeff to jamesport on the north ??

this is a very basic area, i have a car i just don't want to drive to long island city or montauk or something like that.

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  1. harbor crab in patchogue is good, also lombardis. in port jefferson paces is a ritzy steakhouse, but offers fish too

    1. You know, I've been racking my brain and finding it hard to think of a place upisland with really fresh seafood rather than frozen. Not to mention crabs! You always have Kingstons in Sayville, or maybe Tiderunner in Hampton Bays; I've dined at both several times and had no complaints. When we lived in Patchogue we loved the Oar House but it's been awhile.

      1. lombardi's and oar house are one my short list from early this spring (they might have been closed for the season then actually).

        it doesn't surprise me that you can't think of anything. . . this area of the island is a restaurant wasteland. do these people eat nothing but pizza and deli??

        1. I love steamed blue claw crabs!! The only place that seems to heve them is in Port Jeff. I can't remember the name of the place. Maybe because it keeps changing? They are just West of Rt 114 and just East of McD's. across from the parking lot. They have an upper deck water view thing going on but serve crabs on the street level section.

          BUT: During crab season, NOW!!, there are a couple of baymen that sell crabs on the side of Rt 24 just East of the Big Duck on the right side as you are heading to Hampton Bays. They are there Fri, Sat and Sun noon -3. They sell out of crabs early. They also have whatever fresh fish they haul in and lobsters.
          I get a couple of dozen of the succulent blue clawed creatures, steam them with Old Bay and pick crab for a few days until I run out. Heavenly!!

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            this is excellent news. i am going to check mastic seafood for crabs, i've never been there but people say its awesome.

            1. re: j8715

              Mastic Seafood is my go-to seafood shop, they will take care of you. I always get my live soft shells there in season.

              1. re: coll

                finally went but they crabs were almost sold out. flounder was nice but a lil pricey it seemed? 8.99/lb seemed high?

                1. re: j8715

                  Their flounder is so good I would never quibble, but the other places I shop are farther east and therefore I'm going to say at least $10 to 12 per lb? I know it's gone up in the last year or so, probably based on the price of diesel more than anything.

                  1. re: coll

                    yeah it was good quality and nice thick fillets. especially good now that i know how to cook it.

                    Related, what is the difference between fluke and flounder? i just moved to LI so some of these things are kind of foreign. blue fish, for example, doesn't make it too far inland.

                    1. re: j8715

                      Flounder only runs in season, late fall I think (I'm not a fisherman myself). The rest of the year it's technically fluke which I think is a larger related species . For most people a technicality. Bluefish I used to only see when people caught it themselves, I always loved it on the grill, with a lemon marinade to cut the fishiness.