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Jun 8, 2011 04:50 PM

Taco Caterer for Kid's birthday party

I'm looking for a taco caterer for my daughter's 3rd b-day party in July in the Pasadena area. I'm estimating about 15 young kids and 30 adults. I was hoping to spend ~$300 which would include quesadillas and/or hot dogs for the kids.

I've have left a message for Taco Chop but have not heard back from them.

I also called Exquicitos Tacos and was quoted $350 for 30 people and $500 for 50 people for 3 hours. I was trying negotiate the cost down because there are children and we only need them for 2 hours. They were not willing to bring the cost down.

Any other recommendations? Am I being unrealistic in thinking that I can spend about ~$300?


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  1. Yes, you're being unrealistic. No caterer is going to kill themselves to return your call on a budget of $6 a head. It's hard enough to feed a party for that little money in a restaurant, where the cooks don't have to go off-site. You're asking a business to drive out all their equipment to your location, set up, cook, AND make a profit, which is asking a lot when gas is over $4 a gallon.

    It doesn't matter that some of them are kids and they're going to eat less. It's not just about food cost. If you think about how much griddle space it takes to make a whole lot of quesadillas, you'd realize it takes many batches to get them made, which equals more time spent on site to get everyone fed. That means you have to be willing to pay to have more griddle space, more cooks, more time to feed everyone, or more money for the job. Pick any three.

    On top of that, you want two separate menu items for just 15 kids? That's an even bigger pain in the ass.That means they have to purchase ingredients apart from the tacos, and that cuts into their already low margins.

    If you have a budget of $300, why not pick up some cooked taco meats from a taqueria in dispoable aluminum pans, take them home and keep them safely hot in a cheapo chafing dish? Just heat up tortillas yourself in the kitchen, have a salsa bar and have guests build their own tacos? You can pull that off easily for that budget.

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      1. My BIL/SIL recently had a great taco caterer do their party. I got the recommendation from a co-worker who's had them do 2 birthday parties in the past year. My co-worker paid $300 for 50 people, which included 3 types of meat, beans, rice, quesadillas, chips, salsa, and condiments. They charged my BIL/SIL $350 for the same headcount, but they asked for guacamole (extra) and also they live much further away in the IE. The caterer is based in El Monte.

        They arrived half an hour before the service time and have a very professional setup. They also provided plates, napkins, and forks. Service is for 2 hours. They made the tortillas on site with a press and also made the chips on site. They bring everything, but you need to provide a table for their sides/condiments. We had carne asada, al pastor, and chicken. The first 2 were very good; we thought the chicken wasn't very flavorful. They will leave all leftovers, but you need to have your own containers to store them.

        Ask for Ramon (he speaks English) or Sofia at 626.475.0662. They are a husband and wife team. I forgot to ask them for their business card, so I'm not sure what their catering service is called.

        1. If you search for "taco caterer" you'll find several threads on the subject.

          We hired "Taco Chop" for my sister's law school grad party and it was awesome! Three kinds of tacos, rice, beans, salsas, guacamole for around $350. They were prompt, professional and a pleasure to do business with.

          Their phone number is (626) 465-6958.

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            I called Taco Chop about a week ago inquiring about availability but haven't heard back from them. When I tried calling again, they immediately sent me a text and said they'd get back to me as soon as possible. That was about a week ago. Should I hold my breath? Anyone have this happen to them before?

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              vinosnob, how many people did $350 feed? thanks!

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                Over 30 people and there was plenty of left over tacos for the rest of the week.

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