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Jun 8, 2011 03:14 PM

(presumably) Unlicensed vendors in Woodside and Jackson Heights

Don't wanna create any waves for these people so I'll be kind of vague about their locations.

Have seen a woman at one of the busier corners in Woodside selling a particular sort of taco - the name of which I cannot recall - with the usual different fillings. They had apparently been pan fried, and reminded me a bit of a Jack in the Box taco (not a bad thing). Does anybody know the vendor and, more importantly, the name of these tacos.

There's also been a guy selling what looks like bhelpuri in Jackson Heights the past few weeks. I haven't tried it as I figure I can get as good or better from area shops. Would be happy to hear from anyone that's tried it telling me I'm wrong.

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  1. If we're talking about the same vendor in Woodside, she was selling tacos de canasta. Chicken, beef, beans and potato were the four offerings on Monday night. A buck each. I didn't find the tacos particularly noteworthy. The homey salsa verde spooned into a plastic bag was the best part. Paltry fillings compared with the regular tacos, if that matters to anyone.

    Thanks for the bhelpuri lead. I haven't come across him yet.

    1. that guy sells them out of a cart, right? I haven't had it, but when I passed by the other day, he was swarmed with people. looked like he was using garbage-bag like holders, so it seemed nasty yet intriguing.

      btw, now that it's hot, there are a TON of helado people out. many with coolers and homemade ice cream. wonderful.