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Jun 8, 2011 03:06 PM

The Range, best Pulled Pork

New little BBq joint on Columbia St. in New Westminster, between Braid and Royal Columbia.
I have never done a review before, have read a lot of them though. Just want to see this place do well.
I had the Pulled Pork with coleslaw sandwich, so flavourfull, needed at least 6 napkins, it was that juicy. Nice little hint of roasted garlic in the slaw, which really set off the sauce on the pork. Best I have had in the Lower Mainland. The atmosphere is nothing to write home about, but the food sure is.
Nice little break and substance for moving day.

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  1. Thanks for posting -- I'm always looking for good places in the Royal City area. On the list! And congrats on your new digs too.

    1. Always good to have a recommendation for New West. Not that I'm through there often, but if/when I do I'm totally clueless as to a worthwhile foodie destination (and I usually resort to Hon's on 8th St just for pure laziness).

      So this place is on Columbia between Braid St and the hospital ?

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      1. re: LotusRapper

        Closer to Braid,across the street from the 711, no real sign outside as yet. I would stay away from Hon's, but that's only my stomach talking.

        1. re: Yemaya

          On a New West tip, it seems that the Re Up folks are opening up shop at the River Market soon.

      2. Sweet, going to look for it.

        1. The Name is actually The Ranch BBQ. Thank-you for the nice recomendation.