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Jun 8, 2011 02:52 PM

Place to buy frozen kosher pizza??? HELP!

I am in a bind. Does anyone know of a Kosher market that sells frozen pizza? I cannot call the local places like the Butcherie because they are closed until Friday for Shavuot. I need them early Friday morning. I tried Milk St. cafe but they cannot do it for me. Cafe Eilat does not open until 11 AM on Friday. HELP! It's for kids and I promised!

I will drive anywhere in the greater Boston area if I know where to go......

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  1. Probably not what you want but lately Costco has been carrying frozen Kosher pizza bagels - not sure if every location has them - Maccabee brand.

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      Thank you! It is for some 9 year olds so they might be fussy- but good to know.

    2. Have you checked Whole Foods? I can't believe that at least ONE of the frozen pizzas they sell isn't kosher....

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        1. re: Gour875mand

          I can't resist a challenge...;)
          Amy's Frozen Pizza, which I know I've seen at Whole Foods, are kosher...

          While you're there, you may find others that are, as well....

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              FYI --I went on her website but they are not specifically labeled Kosher--

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                Hmm, you're right; only the gluten-free pizzas (rice crust) seem to be kosher...Still there've got to be some there....

        2. Costco has two potential options for you. The Dedham Costco has recently been stocking Amnon's Kosher Pizza in the frozen section. Also, they carry Bagel Bites (mini bagel pizzas) and the Mozzarella flavor has kosher marking on the package. Not all Bagel Bites are kosher so definatly check the packaging!
          You may well know this already but if you are cooking the pizzas, your pans, oven and/or kitchen must be kosher depending on the level of observance required.

          1. I think most of the supermarkets in and around Brookline (Stop & Shop on Harvard St.; Star Market on Beacon St; and even the Shaws on Comm Ave., near BU) all have kosher sections in their freezer cases and I would expect all would have at least one option for frozen pizza.