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Jun 8, 2011 02:19 PM

King's Kitchen (Markham) buffet

I know not everyone is a fan of buffets, but has anyone tried this place yet?

It's on my "try" list this month.

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  1. I went to King's Kitchen last weekend for lunch. I have to say this is the restaurant that I will give it another try for the diiner buffet again in the future and see how it goes.

    I've been to lots of other chinese buffet restaurants, but many of their food quality deteriorate over time (eg. china buffet king - food quality is worse than five years ago, star walk - never had a good experience with them, always had cold food...)

    I did find a review on someone's blog

    1. Went to King's Kitchen yesterday for their dinner buffet. First, the good. Their service is probably one the best in all the AYCE places I have gone to in the GTA, and they have a 10% discount applied to my bill (may be on cash payment only). Price is 18.99 (before any discount) for dinner Mon-Thurs, and IIRC $21.99 for dinner on the weekend including Friday. Pretty fresh salmon sashimi and fairly good rolls. The cooked items are marginal to fair as I ordered curry crab, shrimp in Maggie sauce, roast beef, thai style beef cube, steam garlic mussel. Their thai lamb hot pot is quite decent. Fried rice and noodles are cooked to order. The taste in general is ok at best for AYCE joints in GTA.

      The bad, almost 1/2 of the items on the hot food isle are cold including dim sum and already sliced roast beef strip, their dessert cakes is subpar, their ice cream is the one of the worst I have had (they are in pre-packaged paper cup, like a lin fa bui )and the rest of their dessert is Meh. Drinks are extra.

      Overall the food quality and taste is at best on par with other AYCE chinese buffet joints, and they need to have all the hot food al least warm. I won't be back.

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      1. re: aliangwb

        Sashimi is not offered for lunch buffet, and 10% discount discount will be applied to all bills until June 10th, if I remembered correctly.

        Besides, when I was there, I didn't see ice cream anywhere, but the hot food isle did have the food hot and chefs were still cooking at the time.

        1. re: jojo2739

          We finally made it for Sunday lunch on June 19th . What a huge disappointment. The decor is nice, selection is minimal (for a buffet), but the quality of the food was horrendous (in our opinion). Food was very greasy. I'm not a huge fan of buffets, but my husband is, so we gave it a try.

          JoJo - there is ice-cream in the small dessert section, but you have to ask for it (behind their counter: vanilla, strawberry, chocolate).

          My husband is not a picky eater and he said he was glad he wasn't paying for the meal .... lol

          We won't be back.

          1. re: red dragon

            That's good to know. It seems that I don't even have to try dinner buffet in the future.

            From what I can remembered, the dessert selection is quite limited (and too much to ask for) and they don't have much fruit as I am a sweet & fruit lover.

            1. re: jojo2739

              JoJo, I love cakes and I go to Hot House Cafe to get my fix! OMG, cakes galore, not over the top gourmet such as Rahier, but much better quality than standard buffets. I believe their cakes are from Baker Street Desserts. Their malt waffles are good too. I end up having at least 5 slices of cake (but they are cut super thin), so it doesn't count right! As for fruit, they have a nice selection including small quantities of papaya. That sounds up your ally right?

              I'm glad I tried King's Kitchen for lunch only, that way we didn't waste too much money.

              Hot House
              35 Church Street, Toronto, ON M5E 1T3, CA

              1. re: red dragon

                That sounds good, I shall find a time to give it a try!