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Jun 8, 2011 01:34 PM

Lunch and Dinner this Friday?

We are from Austin, Tx., and will be in town this weekend for a wedding. We are staying downtown but will have a car. My question is this. Can you tell me someplace that has great food but is moderately priced and not overly pretentious? If you were coming to Austin I'd steer you to a little Vietnamese place in a strip center that is inexpensive, byo wine and is probably the most delectible food in town. Do you have any of those kinds of gems hidden away in downtown Atlanta? We are not steak eaters, the women would prefer seafood or most anything not fried, the two men will eat most anything. I'm thinking I'll have to make us go to the Varsity for lunch even though there will not be much that the women will like about it, heck tradition is tradition. Great food, moderate price, something to remember. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.

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  1. Mary Mac's on Ponce de Leon (don't pronounce it like you were in Texas) would likely satisfy all in your party.

    1. go to the Varsity--its great--

      theres a great al fresco place called Einsteins that we love--food is good, if its not too hot, outside is very comfy, you can go inside as well---very good food, but not foodie ttype place--see a varity of folks there too--make a reservation,or get there by 6

      tell you though, thers an absolotely terrific Szechaun chinese place that just opened in jan--Ive been eatting there once a week since they opened --everytime i bring a frist timer they say its the best CHINESE theyve ever had.Its called Gu's Bistro thyere open for lunch and dinner--with no traffic itd be 20 minutes from downtown--its in Chamblee, where all the Asian restaurants are--its BYOB, but very new and clean--the chef is an older guy from Chengdu and has his wife and daughter, Yvonne working there.Id give it a shot--if you have trouble findig it, re-post or PM me.If yu go get the walnut shrimp for sure, with the spicy chengdu dumplings

      1. I haven't been to Austin in a long time. When I went, my favorites were Sam's (late night BBQ following wedding festivities), Curra's, and even an Indonesian place SE of town. Oh and much time gawking at the Central Mkt. My wife has been more recently and really enjoyed the Odd Duck trailer. Anyway, for reference on my perspective.

        I haven't been to Mary Mac's in even longer, but I just don't think it holds up. If you have to go to the Varsity, so be it, but there's a huge number of places for a really good unhealthy food fix these days (it's all about the burgers in the ATL).

        For lunch downtown, I don't think you can beat Bocado. Really good and moderate (and you can get a burger fix if desired). The food is pretty good at the Six Feet Under on 11th and if you can avoid broiling (i.e. go later) the rooftop deck has a great view.

        I'd make a run to Decatur. Fun, walkable city within the City. I finally made it to Farm Burger, and I'd take that for my fast-ish food fix over the Varsity in a heartbeat. There's also Leon's or The Brick Store (required for beer lovers). Virginia Highlands is walkable too for a Yeah Burger, Super Pan, or trip to Alon's for sandwiches/cookies (and many, many other places that I'm not narrowing down right now). We also have gobs of ethnic eateries on Buford Hwy if you drive up that way.

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          A couple of weeks ago we ate at Mary Mac's for the first time in several years. The food was fantastic - much better than when we had last visited. Several comments on the local forum prompted our latest visit. I would urge anyone who hasn't been for some time to schedule a re-visit.

          Mary Mac's Tea Room
          224 Ponce De Leon Ave NE, Atlanta, GA 30308

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            Hmmm. Maybe it's time to give it another try.