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Jun 8, 2011 01:19 PM

Sesuit Harbor Cafe

My date and I went for an impromptu early dinner around 6:30. There was no line but shortly after, there was about 6 people waiting to take an order. Our server was sweet and the food came within 5 minutes of the order! We had steamers and a lobster roll to share. The steamers were about 15, sandy but sweet and delicious. I didn't even use the drawn butter. The lobster rolls varies greatly IMHO. This time huge chunks of lobster and an ample portion. I love the fries. My date enjoyed the slaw. Please keep in mind BYOB and there are portolets so bring your own wet naps. Washing your hands inside is sort of icky...Great it still...and this time the fries were crisp and the portion was great..had a not so great experience last fall.

Sesuit Harbor Cafe
357 Setucket Rd, Dennis, MA 02638

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  1. Good to hear that the quality continues this season. Last season we loved our lunch, we arrived early enough to get immediate service. By the time we left there was quite a long line waiting to order.

    Unfortunately I can't eat lobster, but I was dining with a lobster roll enthusiast. Her roll was large, loaded with chunks of beautiful lobster bound with very little mayo and celery, proclaimed by far the best lobster roll of the year on the Cape.

    I had the best fried clams I've had in years, big bellies that were crunchy and sweet and tasted of the salt air over the mud flats. The fries were generous portion, browned and crispy as I like them, and the best I had on Cape last year.

    I can't wait to visit Sesuit Harbor Cafe again, I'll be heading there in a few weeks.

    Sesuit Harbor Cafe
    357 Setucket Rd, Dennis, MA 02638

    1. I can echo Ann' and Dan's comments after a lovely lunch for six today. it was busy, but not full on-season busy yet. Line was minimal and parking was no problem.

      Our party had two fried shrimp platters at a very reasonable $11.95 with fries and slaw and a big mound of jumbo shrimp. Another had a lobster ceasar salad. I had a terrific lobster roll, minimal filler, a tad too much mayo, and a big scoop of lobster on a grilled bun with fries and slaw at again, a very reasonable $15.99. Two others had sandwiches, a rueben and a burger. Both said they were good. It was a beautiful sunny day and you really can't beat the spot. What is truly surprising to this jaded Cape Codder is that they could easily add $3-$6 per item and get away with it, but don't. Even the whole bellied clam plate is only $13.99 at lunch (and looked awesome), priced better than almost anywhere else, much less someplace on the water. It's nice to report that this place is still a chow-worthy gem.

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        and BYOB so adds to the budget enhancing that place..another one we should keep under wraps...