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Jun 8, 2011 01:04 PM

You Say Gel-A-to, I Say Gel-Ah-to...

Where is the richest, silkiest, darkest chocolate gelato in LA?

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  1. Bulgarini first, then Gelato Bar.

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    1. re: sku

      awesome -thanks! may try other way round since I'll be near Gelato Bar this weekend, but will venture to Bulgarini very soon

      1. re: Louisiana Mouth

        The chocolate with salt at Bulgarini is even better than the plain.

        1. re: sku

          that kind of sweet/savory combination, particulary with sea salt and chocolate, is one of the extremely few hings that can drive me overindulge - can't wait

      2. re: sku

        First report: Gelato Bar on Tujunga in Studio City. I've tried two chocolate gelatos there. The one with sea salt and the one called "picante". Both were very good - and while I'd normally like the one paired with salt best, the spicy one wins spoons down! It is incredible. The chocolate is very dark and silky and the spice hits you on the way down - it packs a respectable punch! Loved it. The one with salt was good but the chocolate was too 'thin' in my opinion. Maybe next weekend I'll make it to Malibu/Grom.

        Gelato Bar and Espresso Cafe
        4342 Tujunga Ave, Studio City, CA 91604

        1. re: Louisiana Mouth

          Second report: Bulgarini in Alta Dena. Wow. THAT is what I was looking for. I had two flavors - the pistachio and dark chocolate with salt. The pistachio was the most authentic I've ever had - nutty but not too sweet - but the chocolate with salt was just gorgeous and exactly what I'd been looking for. My honey had the peace gelato and yellow peach sorbet - also both delicious but the sorbet was the front runner. On to Grom one day soon but I cannot fathom how it could possibly beat Bulgarini...

        1. re: sueshungry

          and now a drive to Malibu! a friend mentioned this one to me recently - menu options alone made me drool - thanks.

            1. re: Ciao Bob

              I liked Dr. Bob's very much, a little too many flavors for me - I prefer quality to quantity. And that 16% buttter fat - sacre bleu!

              1. re: Ciao Bob

                I thought Dr. Bob only made that creamy vanilla flavor I've had...

              1. If you want really rich, I'd skip gelato and go for higher fat ice cream. I really, really love Bulgarini, no place I'd rather go, but if you want really rich dark chocolate, I'd go Dr. Bob's or even Haagen Dazs. Go Bulgarini if you want a less rich but more intense dark chocolate.

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                1. re: Robert Thornton

                  A taste test I read recently on the net ranked Trader Joe's Ultra-Chocolate ice cream as the highest in chocolate intensity and creaminess. I believe it is or was produced by Double Rainbow. I've bought it and it is delicious, and ultra-reasonable at $3.99 a quart.