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Jun 8, 2011 12:53 PM

Mondial de la bière 2011

Hello all,

I am planning on going to the festival this year and I would like to hear your advice about which beers I should absolutely taste while I am there.

I would probably prefer to focus on the ones we cannot find regularly in Montreal but feel free to recommend them anyway if you really like them!

Here is the list of brewers ( ).

Thank you.

(Also, what is the best time to attend the event as it probably draws a big crowd.)

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  1. From personal experience, don't go during the 5-8. It will be slammed. Also, I hope they start checking IDs, since a lot of people who look underage crossed without any problem, without the staff even checking if they were legal.

    Maybe after lunch and before 3?

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    1. re: vanierstudent

      Good to know, I was actually thinking of going friday after lunch.

      I think I saw somewhere on their website that underage people can go in, they are not supposed to get a hold of the tickets to exchange for beer though (yeah, right).

      1. re: Virgile

        I heading there around 8PM today, I'll tell about my experience.

    2. Yeah this event used to be fun but it has turned into an unabashed douche/drunkfest that is not really about the beer but about getting blitzed. Nothing wrong with that but worth noting if that is not your cup of tea...

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      1. re: jfprieur

        While I do not intend on getting drunk, I am definitely planning on walking home. I figured that I could safely taste around 16 beers if I don't rush. (4oz per tasting so I believe thats 4 pints)

        I have looked at the beers descriptions and there are a lot of strong beers so I might have to change the plan.

        1. re: Virgile

          If you get the commerative pint, you'll get more beer. Just a heads up. If you are planing on trying that much beer, it may be worth it.

          1. re: vanierstudent

            Yeah I saw that but the goal is to try as many different ones as possible, getting more beer per serving would defeat the purpose. Although I will probably be there with one or two friends so maybe we could get the glasses and share the servings.

            1. re: Virgile

              Hi there, I just went there today. I got a few good and bad news.

              Good news: Security as been tighten up, security is present, and cops are actually giving ticket to drunk people that are disturbing/getting out of the festival without putting the commemorative glass into the bag they give to you.

              They also change the location, for a bigger one, so its not as cramped as last year.
              Bad news: A lot of Macrobeers as started invading the beer scene. Molson, Heineken, Boris etc...

              Also, it officially became a douche drunkfest, with a website for singles and Music Plus (french equivalent of MTV) present on the scene. ughh

              1. re: vanierstudent

                The large brewers were always there, you just didn't notice them because they had smaller stands.

      2. One day I'll be able to go to this. One day. Dammit.

        Allagash from Maine is really quite good, as is Flying Fish and Dogfish Head too.

        I am saddened to see that Greenwich brewing from the UK won't be showing up. They are responsible for the best beer I ever had. Best they aren't as I cannot go.


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        1. re: Peaches to Poutine

          For American beers:
          Dogfish Head is definitely on my list for their IPAs (my favorite style of beer).
          I will try Flying Fish an I have heard good things about Stone.
          The Coconut Porter from Maui, even though I don't really like porters I'm intrigued.

          For Canada/Quebec:
          I have tasted at least 1 beer from most of the brewers listed, but I am thinking of trying some from BoqueBiere as it was recommended here on Chowhound.

          That is where I am the most in need of recommendations!

          1. re: Virgile

            I'm not sure if I can recommand another site here but if you go to and ask Martin T. the same question, he'll have tons of recs for you. He's really knowledgable. The site is in french but if you don't speak french and ask Martin in English he should still answer.

            If I'm not supposed to talk about other sites here, then, my apologies.

            1. re: Virgile

              BoqueBiere is delicious. I got to take a tour of their wee brewing facilities earlier this year.

          2. The last few years I been when it was windsor station, the lineup to get in was insane! From what I remember, we wait over an hour just to get it. Seeing as how you went and now that it has moved to bonaventure, are the waits to get in as long?

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            1. re: randa_h74

              Just so everyone knows, you do NOT have to wait in the first line. Everyone gets in this line to get tasting tickets, but there are ticket stations in the festival as well, usually with little to no lines :) Save yourself some time and just walk in!

              I went last night and the new venue is bigger and while I'll miss the outdoors aspect of Windsor, this is a much better setup, with more room to walk around and more places to sit down. Also, one more tip :) There are 2 stations with multiple bottled beers, mainly microbrews, but the menus are hard to read and the lines are long, so I recommend printing out a list of these before you go, so you know what you want when you get to the front of the line. I'm happy to report that other fellow beer nerds had also done this last night so we weren't the only ones :)

            2. This is my personal list. A lot of heavy beers but quite normal for this born and bred Belgian :-)

              Aventinus Eisbock (Germany)
              Gouden Carolus (Het Anker - Belgim)
              Open Baladin (Italy)
              Super Baladin(Italy)
              Imperial Ghisa (Italy)
              La Trappe (only trappist beer in Holland, brewed in the monastery one of the 8 in the world)
              Flying Monkeys (Ontario, although I usually get some in the LCBO)
              Palo Santo Marron (Dogfish Head, USA)
              Midas Touch (Dogfish Head, USA), a coup de coeur with saffon and grapes
              Final Absolution Trippel (Dragon Mead, USA)
              Bourbon Barrel Barley Wine Ale (USA)
              Death and Taxes (Moonlight Brewing, USA)
              Cuvee des Fleurs (Southampton Brewing, USA)
              Hopus (Lefebre, Belgium)
              Liefmans oud Bruin (Belgium).

              The 2 petit pub's + Saint Bock is where it's at!

              I heard they now have a private import license. So you would be able to buy the beer you like.

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