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North of Boston, please help: clean, child-free restaurant?

I don't like adding new posts when there is a wealth of information here on CH but my request is rather particular and critical so please bear with me.

My step-father has a condition that compromises his immune system severely. He gets sick very easily, even in the open air. For this reason, I rarely (once or twice a year) see my parents, even for the holidays (flu season) and I almost never get to dine out with them (maybe 6 years ago.)

They are coming down to Tyngsboro for a few hours on Saturday and are cautiously willing to try dinner out at a restaurant. It must be clean and unlikely to see kids. I understand child-free is impossible to guarantee.

It should be within ~30 minutes of Tyngsboro. It can be absolutely any cuisine. It can be any pricepoint. If possible, casual attire or no dress code would be lovely, but I suspect that this is unlikely given the nature of my request. Small, private rooms that are sometimes found in Japanese restaurants would be great. Outdoor dining could work too but even still, no kids please!

If this request is a total pipe dream, I would also appreciate suggestions for well-executed takeout and a suggestion of an outdoor park that would make a good sunset picnic for 3-4 people.

I'd love to have a treat with my parents, thanks for your help!

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  1. What about the restaurant at the Stone Hedge Inn in Tyngsboro. I know it's changed hands and the restaurant has changed since the last time we were there - maybe 8 or 9 years go, but it doesn't seem to me like the type of restaurant that would attract families with children. I know we had late afternoon tea there and it was lovely.

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      Havent been in years but never once saw a child there. Used to be very good.

    2. How about Gibbett Hill Grill in Groton? Haven't been myself, but have heard great things.

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        Ex-Grotonite here. Gibbet Hill isn't bad for the area but it's really nothing special. It's a beautiful place but I was nearly always disappointed with the food. For the prices they charge I always expect something a notch better than what I got. Also, I've seen many families there.

      2. 2nd either one, call and let them know that you have a special seating need.

        1. How about the Stagecoach Grill at Atkinson Country Club? Very unlikely to see many (if any) kids there. Beautiful patio seating looking over the 18th green. Pretty good food and spotlessly clean last time I ate there (2 years ago). Menu is pretty big and varied. Prime rib Sautrdays too. Check it out. Might be just what you were looking for.


          1. I've been to both Stonehedge and Gibbet Hill. Agreed, children are petri dishes of disease, which is why I try to avoid Chuckee Cheese. You will run into fewer of them at Stonehedge because it's very serious, with wine cellar to match. We've never seen more than a few tables occupied, weekdays are better. You might inquire about private dining. If you are truly concerned about your father's immune system, I would not subject him to any restaurant, but make him a nice dinner at home. http://stonehedgeinnandspa1-px.trvlcl...

            1. I would suggest Parson's Table in Winchester. It's a small local place with great food in a casual but upscale atmosphere. Because it's small and a bit high-end and doesn't have much on the menu that most children would like you don't see a lot of families in the place. I have also found it to be very clean and well run with very nice service.

              1. These are excellent suggestions with helpful input, I am so grateful! I will pass these options on to my parents and see what they feel comfortable with.

                Also, might I ask about a place called Summer Winter in Burlington? Its pushing a 30-minute drive but looks like an easy one and, considering that we try to be SOLE eaters, it seems particularly appropriate. Can't tell if it would be frequented by families with kids (seems possible) and haven't anything in terms of the food.

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                  Summer Winters food is excellent as is the service. It's also in a hotel so most of the customers are there for business.

                2. What about the restaurant at Nashoba Winery, in Bolton? It's also a fairly small dining area with tables well-spaced apart, so the number of adults he'd be exposed to is smaller as well. There's a cafe/farmstand area elsewhere on the property which tends to pull the younger crowd all over there; the formal restaurant is in a different building.

                  It's not casual, but it's not super-formal either.