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Jun 8, 2011 12:42 PM

Anything good in Whitby - particularly spicy


We're going to be in Whitby for a night. Is there anything remarkable there that I shouldn't miss? We're particularly looking for something spicy.

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  1. Mt. Everest at Church and Kingston Rd. A family run operation, and the chef will make it hot and spicy or mild and creamy.

    Mount Everest
    611 Kingston Rd W, Ajax, ON L1S6L9, CA

    1. iThai at Brock st. and Dundas.
      You can request any of their dishes to be spicy, I always order their Cashew chicken extra spicy! It's delicious!

      1. There is nothing truly remarkable about anything in Whitby for spicy but I do like the Roti at 4 Girls Roti shop at Dundas and Brock. They will make it very spicy for you and compares with Bacchus/Ali's in Toronto.

        4 Girls Roti Shop
        113 Dundas St W, Oshawa, ON L1N2M1, CA

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          I have to agree with Torontotonto in that there really isn't anything truly remarkable in Whitby. If you do need to eat and want something spicy, I'd suggest "Go For Thai" which is at Dundas & Glen Hill in Whitby. We found the food at iThai to be inconsistent and moved on to this relatively new spot. So far we've been pleased w what we've ordered there. I particularly like the Chilli Chicken (dry). Here's a link to their menus:

        2. I've had some yummy sushi at Sushi Mountain at Thickson and Dundas...nice and fresh...very enjoyable.