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Jun 8, 2011 12:27 PM

Ogunquit area in winter

We will be visiting family in Portland for Thanksgiving. We like to get away for one night (Sat the 26th) and will probably leave out of Portland Sun eve. I've never been to Ogunquit. In the past we have spent the night in Portland (which I know quite well) or Boston (flying out of Logan). Looking for something new this trip. During the summer we love Peak's Island, Bar Harbor and Camden.
We are hoping for a quiet, good nights sleep. A nice dinner, maybe brunch on Sun. A place to have a few drinks Sat night, without having to drive. Scenery. Cold and snow don't scare us (I was raised in ME and live in MI).
I'm nervous about going off season. Will there be restaurants/inns that meet our need? Any other suggestion within a reasonable drive of Portland to spend the night (We leave Sun eve out of Portland).
I'll get down to the nitty gritty as we get closer to the trip, but need to book hotels/flights etc soon. Just trying to decide if it's miserable in these coastal towns in the winter and better to spend the night in Portland or Boston.


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  1. Ogunquit has just what you're looking for, good choice. I don't care for it in summertime when the traffic is a mess and the streets are crowded with people...but in the off season I love it. Nothing to be nervous about, and be sure to take the lovely drive down Shore Road to Cape Neddick. Breathtaking views.

    Most restaurants remain open year round and you'll have no problems finding a nice spot for some drinks.

    1. There are a few nice places in Ogunquit that offer a room and dinning as a package, Or they can be booked for just the room. Try a place called The Meadowmere Resort which is right on Rt. 1 just south of the rotary in downtown Ogunquit. There is another place called the Admirals Inn which is also nice and almost across the street from the meadowmere, There is a nice restaurant with in walking distance for both places. Called Jonathan's which is only a 3 to 5 min walk if that. There is a nice place on Rt.! called Gorges Grant Hotel which also is very nice. Try there websites for prices and avail. with pictures..

      1. Thanks for all the great advice. I feel comfortable booking my flight, pricelining a hotel room for Portland and starting to look into one for Ogunquit. I'll be sure to report back.

        1. Ogunquit is quiet—Very. Quiet.—in the off season. Don't expect a lot to be open. For oceanfront lodging, try the Beachmere (, it's within easy walking distance of most of Ogunquit's restaurants.

          You might also consider Kennebunkport, which is still somewheat lively then, thanks to it's Christmas Prelude celebration.

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            ditto on both quiet and Beachmere.

          2. Here is a good resource for restaurants for Thanksgiving in Portland:


            They don't have any listings for 2011 yet, but they always have a lot of good information closer to the holiday.