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Jun 8, 2011 11:58 AM

How long should I brine?

I have just set some chicken breasts to brine, but I can't roast them tonight. So, can I brine them overnight? Should I remove them from the brine and freeze them? They are skinless but with bone. Btw, I am not aiming for something uber crispy. I will use them for salad. Help me out please.

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  1. I've brined over night. In fact, I got some skinless boneless ones that were frighteningly large so halved them to make them thin, then pounded into paillards, then brined. They looked a bit stringy coming out of the brine after 24 hours, but they were SO juicy and tender. They didn't brown well but that doesn't sound like it matters to you. I think you'll be pleased!

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      Thank you so much. i have marinated chicken over night before but never brined. I actually want roast them and freeze them. Then, use them in my salads or sandwiches or as cold cuts. So, no. Browning is not the biggest concern here. Thank you so very much.

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        That's unusual for chicken breasts. What was the % of your brine.

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          I boiled some water with salt, little sugar, pinch of rosemary and two whole unpeeled garlic cloves. Cooled and strained, then put the chickens in. Now, they are in fridge.

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            Do you remember the water/salt ratio?

            1. re: scubadoo97

              1/8th cup of table salt and a liter of water.

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                Kosher (even they differ between brands) or table salt? A typical brine has 3/4 to 1 cup of kosher salt to 1 gal of water. Sounds like your brine was on the weak side. As long as you get osmotic transfer all is good.

                The average time to brine chicken breast is ~ 1 hour.

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                  ooops. 1/4th cup of salt. That was a typo. and it was table salt. fine one.

        2. After brining all night. I just pat them dry with paper towel. seasoned them with EVOO and lots of pepper. Seared them on hot pan then roasted them. Turned out to be very juicy. It was skinless, so not much crispy but deliciously brown. But it went more on the salty side. So, next time I'll reduce the amount of salt and keep everything else same. Thank you all for replying.

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            yes if your going to brine them that long again...cut the salt back..
            just normal brining it should be fine...