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Jun 8, 2011 11:57 AM

Bakery in Rockville?

We are staying in Rockville Saturday night and are looking for a bakery to head to in the morning for a coffee and early morning snack. It does not have to be a traditional bakery, or even American for that matter, just something delicious. Any recommendations would be wonderful.

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  1. Stella's bakery has great (Illy) coffee and nice baked goods.

    1. Bagel City

      Goldberg's Bagels

      La Madeleine is a chain but need a good coffee etc.

      Praline not in Rockville but good in Bethesda%3

      Latino bakeries in Gaithersberg on Main St but not my favorite.

      French bakery I know in Rockville is closed on Sunday.

      Good luck.

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        Thank you for the recommendations!