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Jun 8, 2011 09:52 AM

HIghway 1 open again Fri June 10--Big Sur Bakery here we come!

Cal Trans says it will open Coast Highway 1 at Alder Creek June 10, so the coast road will now be completely open to through traffic again just in time for summer and our trip to Big Sur Bakery. Hoorray.

Anyone else planning a summer trip up or down the coast will be able to get through, although there are some spots with controlled traffic as scheduled road work continues, but access to favorite Big Sur spots will be open. Hopefully those chow reports will start rolling in as summer travelers partake of the coast.


Big Sur Bakery
47540 Highway 1, Big Sur, CA 93920

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  1. Wow Thanx for the news! Planning a trip to San Simeon in july and I always prefer the drive down on 1 and back on 101 Big Sur Bakery is a great lunch stop before the muscular drive south.

    Big Sur Bakery
    47540 Highway 1, Big Sur, CA 93920

    1. We are going camping in June, first time. Will be driving from San Francisco after work. After places between past San Jose and to Monterrey that worth going for dinner?

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        you driving down 101? preferences? Assuming you'd like to eat and get back on the road, there's south San Jose near Blossom Hill area--Sushi Boat Town is fun, and the east San Jose area near Tulley Rd is Little Saigon, don't know about Morgan Hill or Gilroy, but good coffee at the Chevron Gas Station mart in Gilroy near the outets.

        Melanie Wong (see ) has posted at length about Salinas-so check her California board posts for 'Salinas' chow . There are lots of choices near 101, both cafes and taco trucks, and also near the Monterey Highway 68 out to the coast, if that's the route you're taking.

        If you instead go to the coast via the turnoff in Prunedale, you will go through Castroville. There are a couple of O.K. small DeliMex's on the main street. Avoid the Giant Artichoke--a fruitstand for midwestern tourists. Catch Highway 1 south there and you'll go through Moss Landing. Sea Harvest, on the Elkhorn Slough just before you head south over the bridge, is good. Very fresh fish. There is a Mexican rest. on the highway about 1/4 mile south --the Whole Enchilada. Typical Americanized Mexican food but well prepared and tasty. Out over the little bridge at the boat tie-ups, there are a couple of fish places, both OK. Phil's and ...?

        From there it's about 15 minutes or less to the Marina/Seaside area. There is a good Thai place on Reservation Rd east of highway 1, in the Marina Village center, near Grocery Outlet.

        In Seaside(not Pacific Grove) on Del Monte Ave, The Fishwife has a small cafe (just a couple of tables) and a nicer sit-down room for a more leisurely meal. Very fresh fish. Gets voted locally Best Seafood in Monterey. Right next door is the sister location, taco stand Turtle Bay, great tacos, etc. There are some great DeliMex's at the sprinkling of Mexican groceries throughout Seaside, but haven't heard discussion of them lately.

        Overall, Friday nights can be very busy--first night of a tourist's weekend, and they can be leisurely with table use. There is a Whole Foods inthe Del Monte shopping center in Monterey in case you need some last minute provisions--take the Munras Ave exit. 1/2 block off the freeway, and EZ on afterwards. There is one-way controlled traffic at a section of Highway 1 slide repair south of Carmel, but not a bad wait.

        Whole Enchilada
        Highway 1 Moss Landing Rd, Moss Landing, CA 95039

        1. re: toodie jane

          Picking a small nit.... in Castroville you must take Hwy 1 *north* about 4 miles to stop in Moss Landing. Taking Hwy 129 west from 101 through Watsonville, you would dead end in Hwy 1 and go south about 6 mi to ML.

          1. re: PolarBear

            you are CORRECT, sir!

            I must have been thinking of my trips down from Santa Cruz, where Moss Landing is south of... Watsonville, not Castroville! Fuzzy on the old Prunedale road route--I was last on it when Howdy Doody was popular. But...poster COULD indeed take Hecker Pass Rd over the coast ridge to Watsonville (beautiful short trip through redwood groves to possible academy award-winning sunset at the top and views to China if clear), then down to Moss Landing, but it would add at least 1/2 hour to the trip. Bonus though, they are widening Highway 1 from WV to ML. But w/o reservations, most sit-down places on Fri nights would really throw a monkey wrench in schedules, so maybe the Salinas Taco Trucks would be best?

            here's a map:

            *****Friday evening traffic will be a bear, no matter where, mostly two lane roads, not four lanes, once you leave 101.