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Jun 8, 2011 07:46 AM


Bought 6 really beautiful filets of Copper River Sockeye. Need your favorite recipe for this wonderful fish.
I just love wild salmon, and while this is not King, It still does look special

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  1. Keep it as simple as possible. Broiled at a high temp, leaving the center on the rare side. If you can get fresh sorrel, a sorrel bearnaise sauce goes well.

    1. Yes, keep it simple. The taste is excellent, so you don't need sauces drowning out the flavor. Typically I grill Copper River salmon, on cedar planks when I can. Usually I just coat lightly with olive oil, and salt and pepper. The last Copper River I grilled (last week), I cooked as above, and then added a glaze of about 1/4 bourbon, 1/4 cup honey, and a few teaspoons of ground chipotle. Tonight I'm cooking some Copper River Sockeye on the grill - just cedar plank, olive oil and S&P, and maybe put some dill in between the plank and the fish to infuse a little dill aroma.

      1. We planked some this past Saturday(on alder planks). I agree keep it simple...salt, pepper and a squeeze of lemon when it's done.

        1. You could make a nice Teriyaki, sake mirin soy sauce, slivered green onions and sprinkled sesame seeds. As a extra you could mix some colemans dry mustard with a little water and drizzle that on top or to the side.

          1. If it's really fresh, you could eat a couple slices raw with a pinch of salyt, some chopped shallots and a little lemon juice.