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Jun 8, 2011 07:25 AM

Etabli, in Rome, anybody heard of it?

Last week I met a tourist in Rome at my local wine bar, and he told me several times about this restuarant Etabli where he said he had the best meals of his whole visit here. It`s on viccolo delle Vacche; an area that I don`t normally associate with good restaurants...

However, he seemed like he had good taste, at least in the wines he picked. Anybody ever heard of it/been there?

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    1. to be honest, i have never eaten there. But pass by very often and though I love the look of it, the crowd makes me think that I never want to eat there - too chic!

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      1. re: vinoroma

        well the guy who mentioned it told me the wine bar portion of it was not so special but that the food was really good so I`m tempted.

        1. re: KMERC

          it sounds like a hipster place to me (if there are hipsters in Rome) but why not just try it and see? at worst you can pat dog Dustin or feed him your leftovers.

      2. Yes, I know it very well. I love Etabli. It's a great place to go for drinks (pre or post dinner) since the front room is very relaxed and cozy. But I also like it for dinner. The menu has some traditional Roman dishes, but also a lot of things that are a bit creative.
        I'd definitely recommend it.

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        1. re: minchilli

          guess I will have to check it out. When I mentioned it to my roman friends they were like -- its where, must be for tourists (admittedly my first reaction as well) and also that they had never heard or it..

          Thanks, I`ll let you know how it goes.. even if the food is not great, its always nice to find somewhere to go in Rome for a decent drink.

          1. re: KMERC

            By the way, it's not a tourist place at all.

          2. re: minchilli

            I agree with Elizabeth and I love Etablì especially for drinks. The "Provencal" atmosphere is great and on the whole it's a cute place. Of course you pay for this: don't expect cheap drinks and food.
            Usually it is more frequented by Romans than tourists.