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Orlando Pizza Lovers

Hi all,

We are new to posting on this board but have been reading it for years!

We are in the process of opening up a new pizza restaurant in the Orlando area, and we'd like to hear from you guys what kinds of pizzas you'd like to see on the menu.

Our main idea is to be different, yet simple - good flavor combinations, and not the same ol pizzas you can get at a typical pizza joint.

Any suggestion is welcome!


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  1. First off Orlando isn't really known for pizza and it would be killer if we had an amazing local pizza joint in town.

    I would like to stress quality ingredients - this makes for the best pizza. We don't need more death wheels from places like little ceasers.

    Secondly I would suggest you keep a nice variety of pizzas that everyone is accustom too and then have some more on the wild side.

    Third I would suggest perfecting the crust and making your own red sauce as well.

    Classic White Pizza

    1. I agree with Sandwich Sister. There are some decent NY style places I've had in Central Florida area, but with those establishments, I always stick to cheese. It would be nice to have a place that does emphasize high quality ingredients, especially on the more basic pies. I recently had a pizza with some very fagrant basil and it upped my overall opinion of the pizza. Granted the pizza was pretty darn good, but having the freshness of the basil made it stand out a little more.

      You could create pizzas inspired by different foods around the world. Banh mi? Lamb Shawarma? This way you could also play up on food trends, like korean tacos.

      And never underestimate the crust, sauce, and cooking method!

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        "And never underestimate the crust, sauce, and cooking method!"

        Totally Key.

        The fun stuff is creating your own master pieces once you have the basics done and using sales to determine what makes it and what doesn't.

        I happen to love hawaiian pizza but no one makes a good one. Fresh grilled pineapple, bacon, ham, and caramelized or sauted onions on fresh quality moz makes for a nice pie.

        a nice mexican chicken pizza with home made fresh salsa as the tomato base and marinated lime chicken as the star

      2. I'd vote for a classic Neapolitan pie (super thin cooked in a scorching oven) that I don't have to go to Epcot (or pay Disney prices) for

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          I agree, although the pizza at Via Napoli is worth it.

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            Yes Sam I agree as well. My husband is a pizza snob and has had pizza all over Europe. his favorite was a white Neapolitan pie with buffalo mozzarella drizzled with a little olive oil and cherry tomatoes on top. He had it while in Venice Italy... we've been trying to reproduce it with mixed results.

          2. It would be awesome to offer different regional styles of pizza too, but more authentic than Pizza Hut. You can get "New York style" pizza at a lot of places, but I've only found a few that really do it well (Del Dee's and Italian Village in Casselberry, Del Dio's on East Colonial).

            But beyond that, nobody really does deep-dish Chicago style since almost all the Pizzeria Uno locations closed, and my in-laws would kill for a local source for thin-crust St. Louis-style pizza with melty provel cheese (like Imo's). Add in a more traditional Neapolitan style, maybe get coal-fired or wood-fired ovens going, and you'd really have something magical going on!

            Also, toppings. May I suggest gyro meat, feta cheese, tomato, onion, and pepperoncini? I don't know why nobody ever makes a "Greek" pizza!

            Italian Village Restaurant
            1014 State Road 436, Casselberry, FL 32707

            1. AvidCyn- These are great recommendations, but doing some research yourself and checking out places people already love (out here in Tampa) would be well worth your trip. Drive out here for a day and go by Wood Fired Pizza & Wine Bar out on Bearss for early lunch, (they have a ton of killer pies, don't copy their idea, but it'd be great for inspiration), Pane Rustica for late lunch, and get a margherita pie at Paci's in South Tampa for dinner, and a small Chicago pie at Cappys right down the street for late dinner, if you plan to do deep dish.

              Those are four very popular spots in Tampa right now, and definitely 4 of my favorites. They all really put love into their craft, and use quality ingredients and methods. At the first three places, make sure you enjoy the pizza there, at the store, right out of the oven. Thin crust pie has a steep drop in delious-ocity-ness and in my opinion should not travel.

              by all means email me to discuss, my email is my nickname on here @gmail.com

              1. i agree with BBVL...

                with Orlando being such a tourist destination...
                doing a reallly good version of regional pizzas from around the country (and maybe a few countries as well) might work..

                if u could do a really good new haven,new york,chicago,st louis, even california...
                and get good water that comes out of granite mountains...(i personally think the water in florida doesnt taste very good)..(and yes water adds to the taste of the dough imho)

                good quality ingredients....
                and deliver to the hotels around the tourist areas...or be close enough to them......

                if i could get good versions of those...i wouldnt need to travel so much.... :-)

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                  all of that is spot-on except the delivery. good thin (and I mean thin-thin) crust pizza is just not meant to be consumed more than 100' from the oven :)

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                    but not everybody that comes to orlando has a car...
                    we do so it wouldnt matter to me personally...
                    but in a high tourist area like around the parks...u gotta do what makes money...

                2. Thank you all so much for your responses.
                  It seems like you guys are right on the money with what we have in mind!
                  I am a NYC transplant, and I love my NYC pizzas, I would love to have that same sort of texture going on (If possible) with our pies down here.

                  We are definitely going to focus on good quality, even local if possible, ingredients, and definitely going to go for coal or wood fired ovens.

                  Askdrtodd - I am actually from Tampa, and you have named 3 of my most favorite pizza places in Tampa, Pane Rustica Pacis and Cappys. I haven't tried the one you mentioned off of Bearss because i don't get to that side of town much - but Paci's and Cappy's definitely have something special going on there!

                  I look forward to communicating more with you guys, and I will keep you updated on our progress. If any of you would like to communicate through email my address is avidcyn@gmail.com

                  Thanks again!

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                    if u could do a good sally's or pepe's homage id stop in every time im in orlando