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Jun 8, 2011 06:45 AM

Freezing Fresh Rhubarb

I'd like it freeze some fresh rhubarb since the season is so short. Do I just clean it, cut it up, and store it in freezer bags? Any advice or tips would be appreciated. Thanks!

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  1. That's what i do. I also make some strawberry rhubarb sauce and freeze that as it is great to have on hand.

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    1. re: magiesmom

      I just slice it and freeze it, too. I'm the only one the house who will eat it, and mostly I use it for smoothies, and it's fairly easy to separate it while it's still frozen so I can just use what I need.

      1. re: Krislady

        Thanks for the responses. I've been dying to make the big crumb coffeecake with rhubarb on the Smitten Kitchen blog, but given the current weather, I think I'd better freeze ithe rhubarb and wait for cooler days.

    2. yes. I just chop it up (half to one inch pieces) and lay it in a single layer on a cookie sheet. Freeze until hard (only about an hour or two in the deep freeze). Then I portion it into cups into ziploc baggies and throw back in the freezer.

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        My mother used to do the same thing to tomatoes when the garden produced too many at the same time. When you thawed them out, the skins slipped right off and they were ready to cook.