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Jun 7, 2011 09:56 PM

Could I go wrong with this 30" Blue Star range?

Sorry to bother you all again - I think I am getting dizzy looking at all the range options. I found this on a Costco site

and am very tempted by the Blue Star reputation and the price ($2000 Can) - hard to justify spending $3000 more for a DCS, Viking or Wolf - so I don't get dual fuel like I think I wanted - but likely would be fine without - What do you all think - looks like a good choice???

Thanks much for your time.

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  1. if you bake at all you will regret not going the duel fuel route.

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    1. re: LJS2

      I don't know- if we're going to have a duel, I think gas blowtorch beats electric wand.

      All depends on the way you cook. I feel like I've read some complaints about the ranges from Costco. As a company, they (Costco) generally have great service in the US. I'm just not sure about how many steps removed you are from the manufacturer if you have a real issue with the product in Canada.

      1. re: ted

        I heard this is a much lower quality blue star - that they make two lines and this one doesn't have the goods that the "real" one does. - I think I'll stay away - right now the all gas Wolf with the open burner top is my 1st choice - It's not dual and costs a pretty penny - but I hope you get what you pay for!

        1. re: frznrth

          Yes, this is the less expensive, less powerful RCS line of BlueStar (as opposed to the RNB line). But it is still a very good range at a very good price. Many people are very happy with it. I suggest you spend some time on the gardenweb boards reading about it. You may change your mind again.

      2. re: LJS2

        Thanks - I've thought that too but so many have said they actually prefer gas when baking that I have mostly moved it to a non issue - but if you could give me more reasons for dual I might go back to it being what I want.

        1. re: frznrth

          The advantage to some of the DFs would be the additional modes and the ability to manipulate the direction of heat(convection bake vs convection roast). I do like having the ability to do that but there are always work arounds if you don't have it. Some feel electric heat is a much drier heat but I've baked in both over almost 50 years and I don't think there is that much difference in how stuff comes out.
          Some feel that it is a big deal to have the "true" or European convection, being a third element. I don't think it is that important.
          The burners on the Wolf AG are quite different from the Wolf DF.

          1. re: wekick

            Thanks - I did think the WOLF AG burners would be by far the better choice.

            If anyone has used a Blue Star is there any problem with the flames being too big for a smaller pot? - it did seem that you would be getting a fairly wide flame out of the burners even on low.