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Jun 7, 2011 08:15 PM

Any experience with this Samsung fridge - seems like a good deal


oes anyone have any experience with this Samsung


I saw it at Costco for two thousand Canadian - It seems like a good fridge at a good price.

The only complaint I can find about it is that some people had trouble with the ice maker jamming - do you think this is a more of a problem with this model than others? - I did a search and every brand pf fridge seems to have someone complaining that the ice maker jams.

I'm thinking of picking it up this weekend but wanted to see if anyone had any comments.

Much appreciated.

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  1. I have basically that fridge but minus the external water and ice dispenser. I've been told that in order to have that, then there has to be a second compressor in the fridge section and that you lose space because of that. I love this fridge; still hug it periodically :) I've had no problem with the ice maker but, again, mine is down in the freezer. There's not a single feature of this appliance that I have an issue with. In the last few days I've made a huge pot of stock and dealt with about 20# of pork and beef that I was grinding and doing other things with. It's so easy to rearrange things. And that sounds like a good price. I haven't seen a French door fridge at Costco here in CA. I don't think you'd be sorry. Plus, let's face it, Costco is a dream to work with on returns. Good luck.

    1. I purchased a similar one from Costco.

      The first one had issues which I think stemmed from it being jostled during transport.
      The second has been terrific and I absolutely love it!

      Just be sure it is handled very gently during transport. Renting an appliance dolly and having enough strong backs made the difference for us.

      1. Don't get it!! Our daughter has one and the ice maker not only jams, it throws ice all over the floor, you can't get to the ice from the top easily, the levers that dispense ice and water work so hard they break glasses. They have defrosted the ice maker and started over and it constantly does it again. She is getting a Frigidaire like mine as soon as she had the $$. Very large disappointment, and Samsung has no fixes!!! I spent time looking for fixes online and could only find complaints from other owners and about no help from Samsung.

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          Samsung makes the most reliable refrigerators on the market. Those made by Electrolux / Frigidaire are among the least reliable.

          ETA: JD Power & Associates lists Samsung french-door refrigerators #1 for customer satisfaction, and rates the Samsung the OP is considering as one of the top 10 refrigerators on the market today. ;

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            I've had no problem with my fridge but thought I had one with my Samsung induction range. The appliance store where I bought it totally bailed on me. Samsung was unbelieveable. They were all ready to send me a whole new range. I kept saying 'no, no, that's totally not necessary.' The repair person that they sent out taught me more about my (and any other) range than I'd ever known. Because of this wonderful service, I've now bought a second induction range and a second MW/convection from Samsung (second home).