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restaurant gift certificate for incoming Tulane student

I'd like to give a gift certificate to a Tulane area restaurant as a graduation gift. Just something small, but thoughtful? A place frequented by students -- obviously informal. I'm grateful for any recommendations.

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  1. You can't go wrong with a Besh gift certificate. It gives the student several options for dinning.

    1. PJ's is a coffee shop with locations on campus and nearby on Maple street.

      Reginelli's is a popular pizza place that delivers to campus with multiple locations.

      Are you looking for a national chain? I'm not sure where you're located in terms of purchasing...

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        A national chain in New Orelans? Isn't that verboten? :-)

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          I almost cringed typing it but just thought I would ask!! :)

      2. I'm hoping to just call and have them send me some sort of gift certificate that I can stick in the card. (I'm in the DC area)

        Thank you all for your help!

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          I've never had the need of a gift certificat but I imagine any of those Uptown places such as Clancy's or PAtois woudlhave them. You can get them for most of the well-known places downtown but for informality--or "less" formailty..I think the Clancy/Cocquette/patois route would be fine.

          1. I suggest Taqueria Carona on Magazine. Lots of Tulane students frequent it, its good food at a good value and its close to the Campus. Call 504-897-3974. They sell gift certif. in $25 increaments.

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            1. Very nice guy, but they don't do gift certificates by mail ;( I'd have to send them a check, wait for it to clear and then they'd send me the certificate and that would take too long....

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                If you're interested in Mexican, there's a burrito place near campus, Felipe's, that I know has gift certificates, I'm not sure if they mail them. It's pretty popular.

                Phone #: (504) 309-2776

                Cafe Fresco is near campus on Maple street and has pizza, salads, etc.


                All of the places I've suggested are places where $20/$25 will cover your meal - or multiple coffees. To me that's small, but thoughtful.

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                  If you want to buy a gift certificate to Taqueria Corona, you can use a digital gift certificate instead of waiting for the check/mail process - for example, http://www.giftrocket.com/gift-card/t...
                  Your friend would need a smartphone to redeem. I've used it before and it works pretty well.

                2. I would recommend boucherie, which is close to campus and serves very affordable quality food, so (s)he can go out for a nice dinner without breaking your bank.

                  In addition, their chef / owner has just been through some personal trauma , and you'd be helping an outstanding young person pay their medical bills.
                  (btw, that's not my primary reason for suggesting it, that would be that they do great affordable entry level fine dining so it's more fitting of a graduation gift than maybe pjs or felipes)

                    1. How about Camellia Grill, or Lebanon's Cafe (very vegetarian friendly)?
                      Or try a gift certificate from Maple Street Patisserie instead: 7638 Maple Street New Orleans, LA 70118-5048 - (504) 304-1526; a great small bakery within walking distance of campus with everything from doughnuts to challah to fancy decorated cakes.

                      All above are casual, affordable, student-friendly, and on the streetcar route. Since freshmen don't have cars, you don't want to pick something that's not easily accessible via public transit. Cab fare takes away from the beer budget ;


                      Camellia Grill
                      626 S Carrollton Ave, New Orleans, LA 70118

                      1. My daughter loved LaMadeleines, corner of Carrollton/St Charles.

                        1. Cafe Fresco
                          Cafe Nino
                          Hana Sushi
                          Roman Pizza
                          La Madeleine
                          Basil Leaf
                          Cooter Brown's
                          Saltwater Grill

                          All are frequented by Greenies.

                          Cafe Nino
                          1510 S Carrollton Ave, New Orleans, LA 70118

                          Saltwater Grill
                          710 S Carrollton Ave, New Orleans, LA 70118

                          Basil Leaf
                          1438 S Carrollton Ave, New Orleans, LA 70118

                          Roman Pizza
                          7329 Cohn St, New Orleans, LA 70118