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Jun 7, 2011 07:59 PM

restaurant gift certificate for incoming Tulane student

I'd like to give a gift certificate to a Tulane area restaurant as a graduation gift. Just something small, but thoughtful? A place frequented by students -- obviously informal. I'm grateful for any recommendations.

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  1. You can't go wrong with a Besh gift certificate. It gives the student several options for dinning.

    1. PJ's is a coffee shop with locations on campus and nearby on Maple street.

      Reginelli's is a popular pizza place that delivers to campus with multiple locations.

      Are you looking for a national chain? I'm not sure where you're located in terms of purchasing...

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      1. re: Paisley16

        A national chain in New Orelans? Isn't that verboten? :-)

        1. re: FoodChic

          I almost cringed typing it but just thought I would ask!! :)

      2. I'm hoping to just call and have them send me some sort of gift certificate that I can stick in the card. (I'm in the DC area)

        Thank you all for your help!

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          I've never had the need of a gift certificat but I imagine any of those Uptown places such as Clancy's or PAtois woudlhave them. You can get them for most of the well-known places downtown but for informality--or "less" formailty..I think the Clancy/Cocquette/patois route would be fine.

          1. I suggest Taqueria Carona on Magazine. Lots of Tulane students frequent it, its good food at a good value and its close to the Campus. Call 504-897-3974. They sell gift certif. in $25 increaments.

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            1. Very nice guy, but they don't do gift certificates by mail ;( I'd have to send them a check, wait for it to clear and then they'd send me the certificate and that would take too long....

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                If you're interested in Mexican, there's a burrito place near campus, Felipe's, that I know has gift certificates, I'm not sure if they mail them. It's pretty popular.

                Phone #: (504) 309-2776

                Cafe Fresco is near campus on Maple street and has pizza, salads, etc.


                All of the places I've suggested are places where $20/$25 will cover your meal - or multiple coffees. To me that's small, but thoughtful.

                1. re: mayhem

                  If you want to buy a gift certificate to Taqueria Corona, you can use a digital gift certificate instead of waiting for the check/mail process - for example,
                  Your friend would need a smartphone to redeem. I've used it before and it works pretty well.