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Dieu du Ciel, best microbrew in montreal area

hello, I got a chance to sample some of thier beers today annd they were amazing!!!!! what do you have to say....other micros out there that i should try. let me know

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  1. As for brewpubs, Benelux on Sherbrooke is my next favourite, especially for their Begian ales. Cheval Blanc on Ontario has improved significantly over the last few years and is well worth visiting. There are lots of microbreweries in Quebec others can comment on.

    1. You should check out Saint-Bock, and I second Frids recommendation of Benelux.

      1. I've always been particular to L'Amere a Boire on St. Denis.

        1. I tried a few beers from Brouhaha Broue Pub (5860, avenue de Lorimier) when I was at the Gatineau festibiere, and they had a couple of very good beers.

          but I never been to their location in Montreal.

          1. Are we allowed to list excellent microbreweries outside of Montreal? Because there are two excellent ones in Sherbrooke. BoqueBiere and Siboire are completely worth a weekend trip. For realsies.

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              Good question,

              Is the OP asking which microbrews he can sample or which pubs he can go to. Because there are a LOT of excellent microbrews outside of montreal that you could find in certain depanneurs or pubs.

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                Sadly, Sourberry Lily, Siboire doesn't bottle their beer for sale outside of their resto/brewery (a damn shame, if you ask me), and I think you can get the super high-gravity beer from BB at that shop at Jean-Talon that sells only Quebec-made products.

                Seriously, Siboire changed this Southern transplant's life when it came to beer.

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                  Many microbreweries in montreal sell microbrews from other producers :)

                  Saint-Bock is one example of this.

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                    I wasn't disputing that; I was merely stating that the one I like here in Sherbrooke doesn't bottle their beer outside of their premises. Le Vente du Nord is an amazing Quebec microbrew store in the Townships that sells an amazing selection of bottled beers from all over the province. It's how I've been able to try beers from faraway without having to travel there.

            2. Brasseurs de Montréal on Ottawa and Guy offers a nice selection of their home-brewed beers

              1. Maybe you should also hit le Mondial de la Biere. Its on until the 12.

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                  I found the Mondial de la Biere to be very disappointing. It seemed to be about 80% beers that I can get at a decent dep. The American Pavilion (octobrefest?) seemed to be one of the only places where I wouldn't encounter things that I see all the time.

                2. Some of the best beer of Quebec are made by Microbrasserie Charlevoix. They have no bar, but you can find their beer in some shop like Le Paradis de la bière

                  Search for Dominus Vobiscum

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                    thanks for all the recs i will be sure to try as many as i can. I live in st jerome so dieu du ciel is very convenient. when i get to mtl i will try some thanks and keep them coming.

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                      I have been seeing ads in the metro lately for a depanneur in Ville St. Laurent that carries 450 kinds of beer. They have a website, does not seem finished yet, but here's the info anyway.

                      Depanneur Parisoir

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                        WOW thank you, that is right near where i live. I've always envied the plateau, rosemont etc... for their access to microbrews

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                          They do have lots of beer, some of the really good. But the emphasis seems to be more on quantity. They have lots of beers from so so breweries and a lot less from better ones. The prices were mostly on the high side when I went.

                  2. I've heard great things about Vices & Versa (6631 boulevard St-Laurent, Montreal)

                    They make their own, it seems, but with ***33 beers on tap*** they also carry a long list of other Quebec micros.

                    ...including LE TROU DU DIABLE located in Shawinigan. I had a chance to try several of Trou's beers at the Mondial Bière the other day.

                    Fell in love with their SMaSH IPA (http://www.troududiable.com/spip.php?...


                    Sadly, this doesn't seem to be offered at Vices & Versa. Anyone seen the SMaSH being served elsewhere in Montreal?

                    1. Hi everyone. I agree with Jiminy: Dieu du Ciel has what's probably the most well-rounded selection of beers in the city. Each each of their beers is a great interpretation of classic styles and they go beyond to do some pretty funky stuff.

                      It's not just about the beer for me, it's also about the atmosphere. Someone mentioned St-Bock below...yeah, I've had a few of their beers but I also found myself assaulted by television screens and the plastic patio furniture -- inside during the cold weather -- is not only tacky but super crammed! Benelux has been a favourite for a long time but those guys just gave up trying to offer decent service! Their beers also tend towards inconsistency.

                      A little known Montreal microbrewery -- Brasseurs de Montreal, located at William and Ottawa in Griffintown -- have a restaurant attached to the brewery. Interesting beers and a really good menu in a pretty funky 'industrial gothic' part of town.

                      I second Cheval Blanc: they've become more adventurous; their beers a well balanced and the atmosphere is quirky and homy at the same time -- a real neighbourhood pub. The fact that it's a brewpub just makes it that much more awesome.

                      A recent discovery in Rosemont is La Succursale (rue Masson at 10ieme Ave). Clean, and bright (not TV screens showing golf here!) with a good introductory selection of their own beers as well as playing host to some DdC brews. Interesting menu, homemade sauerkraut and slightly more 'gastropub' oriented nibbles. They're just getting started too and they will be opening a full kitchen, as far as I know.

                      That's what I got for brewpuds. For microbrews -- there is a great depanneur at Rachel and Iberville -- perhaps a little far if you're living more west but they have all of the significant beers in Quebec. Brasserie Ste-Famille (Br. de l'Ile d'Orleans) make excellent beers and if you're into Imperial Pales, then try Brasserie du Lievre. Another impressive microbrewers are A la Fut -- a cooperative if I'm not mistaken -- and, of course, La Barberie in Quebec.

                      I've missed at least ten others that are really good.

                      also, need to plug this one, if you are ever in Abitibi-Temiscamingue -- specifically in Rouyn-Noranda, do yourself a favour and find Le Trefle Noir: the first brewpud in that vast northern region, this pub is a great example of young, innovative quebec brewers who counter the trend of going to the big cities and try to bring some this type of culture to the regions. Excellend brews and great, friendly atmosphere!

                      That's it for now. Cheers to all.

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                        I have to second le Trefle Noir. Very good beers for a young brewpub and friendly service. I wish I could go more often.

                        1. re: Simon Patrice

                          Awesome that you've been there. It's too bad that it's so far, then again, it tastes that much better once you do get get there :)

                        2. re: McPubnot

                          La Succursale is a great new spot. I like everything about it: small but decent selection of house and guest beers on tap, yummy tapas-like dishes, friendly staff in a bright new space in the east end.

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                            Absolutely. A little far out but a guilt-free couple of pints if you cycle out there :)

                            I am very impressed by their style; the fact that the whole brewery portion downstairs has a museum-like feel (they do give brew tours, apparently) and that they have a small library of beer-related literature!

                            It would all be naught if their beers sucked, that's not at all the case: excellent quality and a fine selection. For my tastes too, it's nice that the Belgian tradition does not dominate there.

                            1. re: McPubnot

                              Right, and unlike other places, their entire small brewery operation on the main floor and in the basement are open to see, including their mini-yeast lab in the basement. They even have their ingredients stacked in IKEA shelving in the back room.