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Jun 7, 2011 07:29 PM

Dieu du Ciel, best microbrew in montreal area

hello, I got a chance to sample some of thier beers today annd they were amazing!!!!! what do you have to say....other micros out there that i should try. let me know

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  1. As for brewpubs, Benelux on Sherbrooke is my next favourite, especially for their Begian ales. Cheval Blanc on Ontario has improved significantly over the last few years and is well worth visiting. There are lots of microbreweries in Quebec others can comment on.

    1. You should check out Saint-Bock, and I second Frids recommendation of Benelux.

      1. I've always been particular to L'Amere a Boire on St. Denis.

        1. I tried a few beers from Brouhaha Broue Pub (5860, avenue de Lorimier) when I was at the Gatineau festibiere, and they had a couple of very good beers.

          but I never been to their location in Montreal.

          1. Are we allowed to list excellent microbreweries outside of Montreal? Because there are two excellent ones in Sherbrooke. BoqueBiere and Siboire are completely worth a weekend trip. For realsies.

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              Good question,

              Is the OP asking which microbrews he can sample or which pubs he can go to. Because there are a LOT of excellent microbrews outside of montreal that you could find in certain depanneurs or pubs.

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                Sadly, Sourberry Lily, Siboire doesn't bottle their beer for sale outside of their resto/brewery (a damn shame, if you ask me), and I think you can get the super high-gravity beer from BB at that shop at Jean-Talon that sells only Quebec-made products.

                Seriously, Siboire changed this Southern transplant's life when it came to beer.

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                  Many microbreweries in montreal sell microbrews from other producers :)

                  Saint-Bock is one example of this.

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                    I wasn't disputing that; I was merely stating that the one I like here in Sherbrooke doesn't bottle their beer outside of their premises. Le Vente du Nord is an amazing Quebec microbrew store in the Townships that sells an amazing selection of bottled beers from all over the province. It's how I've been able to try beers from faraway without having to travel there.