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Who do you follow on twitter?

I follow @offalchris, Michael Voltaggio, michel symon, alton bron, ferran adria, jose andres,eric ripert, noreservations(anthony bourdain). what about you

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  1. Rick Bayless; beautiful pics.

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    1. re: ellabee

      Should have noted Bayless' twitter handle, as there are non-chef RBs there too: Rick_Bayless.

    2. michaelpollan

      To name a few.

      1. Epicurious, NY Times Diner, Mark Bittman, Giada, Tyler, Bobby Flay and Dorie Greenspan.

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        1. re: mcel215

          Besides many already listed:

          ruthbourdain (hysterical)
          marcuscooks (Samuelson)
          gachatz (Grant)
          chef_keller (Thomas)

          I also follow a lot of local (Minneapolis) food trucks

          1. re: SmartCookie

            Second @marcuscooks (Marcus Samuelson now of Red Rooster in Harlem) His tweets are as sweet as him.


            Lots and lots of local (Boston area) chefs and restaurants.

            @Denveater (she's a funny Denver based hound)
            @Rubee100 (another fun read -- Arizona based hound)

            1. re: yumyum

              i find marcus to tweet a lot of recipes that i dont really want but occasionally a gem

          2. nytimesdining
            a host of food blogger friends and because I live in LA, thefoodtrucker.

            I'm not now nor will likely ever be on FB.

            1. Eric Ripert - hilarious when he's bickering with Anthony Bourdain

              Mario Batali - he tweets about where he's eating in real time

              Marc Forgione, Alex Stupak - for new dishes in their constantly changing menus

              Eater NY - for the latest in restaurant gossip

              I basically follow all of my favorite restaurants and food trucks on Twitter and Facebook. I don't usually follow food critics (except for ex food critics like Frank Bruni and Ruth Reichl) or magazines.

              1. A lot of the ones I cover are already listed, like Alton Brown, Eric Ripert, Anthony Bourdain, Ruth Bourdain. Here are a few more:

                Michael Ruhlman @ruhlman - lots of good inspiration
                Eric Asimov @ericasimov
                Jeff Houck @jeffhouck - a local food writer, really like his Weekend Eats
                @culinarypirate - also a local food and drink writer
                Several local restaurants - I love Twitter for this. Several of my favorite restaurants tweet daily specials, new wines and beer added to menu, special events, etc.

                1. Thanks for this thread. I wouldn't have thought of following some of these folks.

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                  1. re: NYCkaren

                    Since you kicked up this thread I thought I'd add another: @angrybflay. This is a parody and not really Bobby Flay. Note: very strong language.

                  2. Let me pull up Twitter and see what we have.

                    Chris Cognac (a/k/a The Hungry Detective)
                    McSlimJB (Boston's finest food critic)
                    Graham Elliott (The most respectful chef tweeter, always answers)
                    David Leite (Very communicative, excellent recipe links)
                    Jay Rayner (Funny!)
                    Jacques Pepin (the best chef out there)
                    Fabio Viviani (Super fun, very communicative and responsive, you can hear his Italian accent in his tweets)
                    Richard Blais (folksy fun)
                    Grant Achatz (cool)
                    Tom Colicchio (Very civic minded)
                    Nigella Lawson (Interesting play by play)
                    Anthony Bourdain (ubercool)
                    Ruth Bourdain (hehehe)
                    Eric Ripert (erudite)
                    Marcus Sameulsson (straightforward, recipes)
                    Terrence Brennan (Artisanal Bistro exec chef, tweets are sporadic)
                    Artisanal Bistro (Because I love their gougeres and French Onion Soup, tweets very rarely though)
                    Ted Allen (fun, energetic)
                    Marc Bittman (eh)
                    Helen Rosner (Saveur, into her own world)
                    Alyssa Shelasky (Grub Street/NY Magazine, super cool)
                    Jonathan Crossland (Interesting)
                    Marc Murphy (nice)
                    Florian Belanger (a/k/a "The French Guy" from Cupcake Wars, hilarious)
                    The two Daves - David Leiberman and David Burke just aren't catching my eye, I may drop them.
                    Michael Stern (Road Food guy, like his style)
                    Emeril Lagasse (Bam! I just love the guy)
                    Josh Ozersky (a/k/a Mr. Cutlets, kind of rude. Not sure I like him)
                    Carla Hall (almost non-existent on Twitter)
                    John Besh (cute)
                    Lee Anne Wong (ok)
                    Scott Conant (straightforward and insightful)
                    Jacques Torres (upbeat Mr. Chocolate)
                    Ludo Lefebvre (not impressed...yet)
                    Andrew Knowlton (I don't know why I am following him)
                    Jeffrey Steingarten (I really don't know why I am following him)
                    Daniel Boulud (Provides good links)
                    Leticia Schwartz (author of The Brazilian Kitchen and a lovely lady)
                    Robert Troilo (Chef at Nicholas Roberts Bistro my fave Norwalk, CT restaurant)
                    Buddy Valastro (Cake Boss, initially fun, now rather bland)

                    Fake Wine Reviews
                    The Aviary
                    Food and Wine Magazine
                    Cookstr (cookbook recipes)
                    Serious Eats
                    Restaurant.com (Love me those coupons)
                    Dunkin' Donuts (OMG, why am I following them?)
                    Food Fanatics (food stylists)
                    Grub Street
                    Chicago Bites
                    Trib Food
                    Chicago Foodies
                    Food Arts Magazine
                    Washington Post Food

                    BTW, I follow less than 300 people so I guess food people dominate my list.

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                    1. re: TrishUntrapped

                      TrishU, what a list! You made me smile tho. Very dedicated food news and reviews follower!

                      1. re: HillJ

                        HillJ, till this thread came along I didn''t realize how many food people I followed! Quite a few.