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Jun 7, 2011 06:37 PM

smorgasburg! what to eat?

I couldn't find a post on smorgasburg - the new food festival in Williamsburg.

I was there last weekend, and didn't love what I ended up choosing, from a vietnamese stand. It was a crepe made with rice flour, pork shoulder, and shrimp, which you ate with various greens. Just wasn't that tasty and the shrimp were pretty basic tiny little guys.

Any advice on what to try there? I am thinking the lobster roll from red hook.

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  1. I had the hot dog from Meat hook. it was expensive but pretty damn good. same with the ice pop

    The Meat Hook
    100 Frost St, Brooklyn, NY 11211

    1. I highly recommend a huarache from the Martinez stand. Really tasty, and at $6 it's a relative bargain. The various molasses-based drinks from City Lasses are great, as well.

      1. the stuff from the meat hook are all winners, from my initial visit, i had the pupusa, cemita, the noodles from shorty tang and they were all solid. for most bang for your buck go with the cemita.

        Due to fullness I did not get a chance to try the sausage and biscuits escapes me right now but they looked tasty. Check out my blog for the stuff that I wrote up about the smorasburg this previous weekend.

        1. I enjoyed the fried anchovies from a stand called Bon Chovie. You get six for $6 with some kind of mayo dipping sauce. Also enjoyed the blood orange doughnut from Dough.

          1. I went seeking yummy greasy meaty goodness, but the best thing I ate was an amazing grilled spring salad from Tenpenny.