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smorgasburg! what to eat?

I couldn't find a post on smorgasburg - the new food festival in Williamsburg.

I was there last weekend, and didn't love what I ended up choosing, from a vietnamese stand. It was a crepe made with rice flour, pork shoulder, and shrimp, which you ate with various greens. Just wasn't that tasty and the shrimp were pretty basic tiny little guys.

Any advice on what to try there? I am thinking the lobster roll from red hook.



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  1. I had the hot dog from Meat hook. it was expensive but pretty damn good. same with the ice pop

    The Meat Hook
    100 Frost St, Brooklyn, NY 11211

    1. I highly recommend a huarache from the Martinez stand. Really tasty, and at $6 it's a relative bargain. The various molasses-based drinks from City Lasses are great, as well.

      1. the stuff from the meat hook are all winners, from my initial visit, i had the pupusa, cemita, the noodles from shorty tang and they were all solid. for most bang for your buck go with the cemita.

        Due to fullness I did not get a chance to try the sausage and biscuits guys...name escapes me right now but they looked tasty. Check out my blog for the stuff that I wrote up about the smorasburg this previous weekend.

        1. I enjoyed the fried anchovies from a stand called Bon Chovie. You get six for $6 with some kind of mayo dipping sauce. Also enjoyed the blood orange doughnut from Dough.

          1. I went seeking yummy greasy meaty goodness, but the best thing I ate was an amazing grilled spring salad from Tenpenny.

            1. I haven't had a ton, but my top pics were Bon Chovie's fried anchovies, Tenpenny's spring vegetables, and Mile End's sandwiches. Milk Truck's breakfast sandwich was very good as well. I'm not sure of the name of the stand, but someone was making excellent bubble iced teas. I also love Asiadog and Choncho's Tacos, but passed them by in favor of trying some new stuff. If you haven't had them though you definitely should.

              I was less ecstatic about Landhaus's hyped BLT; the ingredients were all good, but the construction was poor, making for a sandwich without any bites that included all the ingredients.

              Mile End
              97 Hoyt St, Brooklyn, NY 11217

              1. The pork cemita was delicious. Multi-layered on fresh bread with tasty tasty pork. The chicken had like a half hour wait and I'm glad it made me choose the pork.

                1. Loved Tenpenny's vegetables. Underwhelmed by Choncho's very bland tacos, and Shorty's noodles. They just weren't that interesting to me!
                  Love Porchetta and AsiaDog.

                  1. Made it out there today before the rains came down - the threat of bad weather kept the crowds down (though the vendors said they were still doing a pretty solid business)

                    big hits:
                    Bon Chovie fried anchovies - i got em "jersey style" (whole, uncleaned) and they were a bit organ-y for me, but beautifully fried with perfect crisp outsides and succulent flesh (and crispy bones).

                    Mozzarella guy's balls w pesto - i didnt order this or see it prepared but it was basically a huge hunk of bread spread liberally w some very tasty pesto, a couple balls of mozz and another piece of bread, very sharable and snack and really tasty.

                    The BLT from landhaus - my gripe was only that a perfect classic blt, imo, should have crispy bacon, and in choosing to cut their bacon super thick it just doesnt get there texturally. That said the flavor was phenomenal, the lettuce and tomatoes were not merely bit players and the whole thing achieved a pretty awesome synergy of porky awesome.

                    Toasted coconut donut from dough - a little denser than the raised donuts from donut plant but not at all in a bad way, great, somewhat subtle, coconut flavor. We wanted another flavor but they were already running out by about 1 so these may be an earlier morning big seller.

                    good, not great:
                    tangs sesame noodles needed a little extra chili oil (which they have available at the counter) but didnt make me want to run back and get another order on my next visit - im still curious about the schezuan daikon salad though.

                    there were epic lines for pupusas and cemitas, the vietnamese food seemed distinctly overpriced compared to what other stands were charging (and why spend 11 dollars on one item when it looked like most people were there to try to sample from a variety of places, a concept clearly understood by dumont's $4 "burgers" - id call em slightly oversized sliders but that seems in keeping with what the great value of a scene like smorgasburg is all about). I felt bad for all the vendors trying to sell drinks on a gross day, but it was really nice seeing the options expanded beyond the normal range offered at the indoor/winter flea - i didnt get close enough to see if the pupusa guys were grilling them fresh but ill probably keep getting those at the ball fields anyway. They could certainly use more seating (and more chairs at the tables they did have!) but i thought the concept was well executed and the variety and quality of the options did not disappoint.

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                      The donuts, from Dough, were indeed a big morning seller; at 10:30, this was one of the few tables that had any sort of line.

                      At the Queen's Danh Tu, the two fellows ahead of me happily split a $11 banh xeo. True, it wasn't the biggest Vietnamese crepe you'll see. My $10 bun thit nuong was considerably heftier, and it would have been easy to share if I hadn't been doing breakfast solo.

                      1. re: DaveCook

                        that looks good - and i suppose their booths offerings had a greater proportion of expensive proteins, but i felt like QDT's offerings were out of line with the general pricing. At 10 and 11 dollars their stuff was about twice the price of the average item (the only thing topping it i can remember was the lobster rolls for 16). Good to know that sharability would mitigate this somewhat.

                        The bun was good, i gather?

                    2. I have to also agree the doughnuts at Dough, "fried in bed sty" are actually pretty damn amazing. I totally prefer them over anything I've had from Doughnut Planet, these guys are a must!!