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Jun 7, 2011 06:30 PM

What have I missed?

Due to an insanely busy 6 months, this foodie has been MIA for a while. But with my final report card written and the kiddies off to camp, I am determined to make the most of my 8 weeks of freedom. So tell me: what's new in the Toronto foodie scene? What do I absolutely have to do/eat/buy this summer? Where should I go? Where should I not go?

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  1. I would suggest you wander over to Augusta and check out El Gordo. Over the course of the last year, this outpost of empanadas has added a number of new vendors to become an itnernational mini mall. Pancho's Bakery now occupies the front, serving all sorts of Mexican sweet pastries, with freshly made churros on the go.

    Up the stairs, and on the right are a juice/smoothy stand and El Gordo empanadas. on the left, there are some gents doing arepas with various fillings; Agave y Aqualcate Mexican, and Pupusa Gourmet. A y A gets a lot of write-ups and has lines, but I would recommend the pupusas. It's one of the family who make the empanadas and the chorizo at Segovia next door, and they have amazing fillings, and freshly made hot sauces that will hit whatever heat level you're looking for.

    Down the road, Debu has departed from the small Indian takeout place. But his place on Mt. Pleasant still serves the 20$ prix fixes lunch that is utterly artful.

    Pancho's Bakery
    214 Augusta Ave, Toronto, ON , CA

    El Gordo
    214 Augusta Ave, Toronto, ON , CA

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      I actually had one of those delicious churros over the winter. They are super-yummy. Will make my way back there soon. Thanks!

    2. Is getting out of town on your agenda? There's plenty happening down here in Prince Edward County! Let me know if this is an option and I'll fill you in on what I know of what's new in the wineries and restaurants in PEC.

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        For sure! I've got plenty of time for road trips this summer.