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Jun 7, 2011 06:20 PM

NH Restaurants (North Conway, Portsmouth and Manchester)

Hi everyone!

My boyfriend and I are traveling to New Hampshire for a few nights this summer and are stopping in North Conway for two nights and then a town between Portsmouth and Manchester for another 2 nights. I was wondering where should we eat? What cannot be missed in these areas?

Thanks so much!!

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  1. I don't know if you are looking for casual, but I love A Caribbean Affair on Elm Street in Manchester. Casual and yummy. They will spend time explaining unfamiliar menu items.

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    1. In Manchester: Mexican El Rincon Zacatecano (corner of Lake and Elm St., ), Z food & drink (Elm St.), Red Arrow Diner (Lowell St.), Strange Brew (behind city hall) for a huge beer selection, fantastic chicken chili and fun. Oh, and Queen City Cupcakes (Elm St.). Enjoy!

      Red Arrow Diner
      61 Lowell St, Manchester, NH 03101

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        My bf will love the beer and I'll love the cupcakes, lol!! Thanks so much :)

      2. In Manchester, I love the Golden Bowl, great, fresh Vietnamese.

        In Portsmouth, pub food at Portsmouth Brewery is great. Love their mussels and salmon. I also like sitting out on the deck at Old Ferry Landing or The Oar House for seafood on a summer night.

        Golden Bowl
        124 Queen City Ave, Manchester, NH 03103

        Portsmouth Brewery
        56 Market St, Portsmouth, NH 03801

        The Oar House
        55 Ceres St., Portsmouth, NH 03801

        Old Ferry Landing
        10 Ceres St, Portsmouth, NH 03801

        1. knicho - In Portsmouth, I like the Flatbread Pizza Company. They have a wood-fired stove and make pizzas and flatbreads using organic ingredients. I've also eaten at Sakurabana a few years ago and it was pretty good. The sushi and seafood was very fresh when I ate there (it was on a weekend).

          In Manchester, I do not actually recommend the Red Arrow Diner. I grew up in NJ (land of diners and german and italian bakeries). I think the Red Arrow is a nice place, but the food is not very good. I went there a couple of times with the kids and wasn't very impressed. The food seemed really greasy and heavy. My son ordered waffles and they weren't fresh. They are made in advance and the cook just takes them out of a container and warms them on the griddle. The cakes and pies aren't very good either. The portions are huge, but the quality isn't that great. The Red Arrow has a great location and the atmosphere is friendly, but the food is only so-so.

          If you like diners, I prefer the Airport Diner on Brown Avenue to the Red Arrow Diner. It's owned by the same people who own the Common Man restaurants and it's pretty good (much better in my opinion than the Red Arrow). Also, the Puritan Backroom in Manchester, NH is pretty good (it's very popular) and serves diner-ish food. The food is good at the Backroom, although it's relatively expensive for diner-style food.

          If you don't mind driving a little south to Nashua, NH, there are some nice restaurants there. My wife and I like You You Japanese Bistro. They have Japanese and Korean food. Also, my wife likes the Peddler's Daughter in Nashua, NH. It's an Irish pub that serves pub-food and lots of different spirits/beer.

          Red Arrow Diner
          61 Lowell St, Manchester, NH 03101

          Airport Diner
          2280 Brown Ave, Manchester, NH 03103

          Puritan Backroom Restaurant
          , Manchester, NH 03101

          You You Japanese Bistro
          150 Broad St, Nashua, NH 03063

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