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Jun 7, 2011 04:26 PM

Best places on PEI?

it's been a few years since we've been to PEI, and friends are asking me what's good. Our 2 favorites in Charlottetown were Lot 30 and Flex Mussels. Seems like FM has closed...what's best for a great casual mussel lunch now? Is Lot 30 still great? Also in Charlottetown we had a really nice lunch at a pub...can't remember the name...any ideas what it might be?

On the north coast we had a great lunch at Carr's Shellfish, and very good dinners at Dayboat (is it still around?) and the Dune's Gallery and Cafe. Are these stll good?

Is there anything on PEI that's a "don't miss"? Would appreciate recommendations from a local?

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  1. Lot 30 is great, usually. We have had a couple of lacklustre meals there lately, but I think its maybe because it was during the winter? (That's what I am hoping, cause we have some AMAZING meals there too)
    Dayboat is gone. Ship to Shore in Darnley has won praise the past couple of years. Carr's is great for oysters, but I find it average for other meals. (Over priced for what you get)
    The Dunes is still there and good. Maybe its cause the location and presentation is so wonderful?
    There is a new place called Daniel B Brickhouse-it's where Off Broadway used to be. I haven't been yet, but it looks wonderful. And the reviews have been good.
    The pub you were looking for-perhaps the Merchantman Pub? The Pilot House? Or the Gahan? (the Gahan is a brewpub, does that ring a bell?) I am betting it was the Merchantman though... It is always solid.
    We always get our seafood at the Water Prince Corner Shop. SUPER casual, but the seafood and fish are SO fresh. And the owner (Shane) is ALWAYS there making sure you are happy.

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      I'm also planning a trip to PEI later this summer -- we'll be renting a cottage with a kitchen and would love to know some good places to buy fresh seafood to cook at home. Any recommendations on the best places to pick up good local seafood?


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        Water Prince Corner shop for clams, mussels, lobster, halibut, haddock and scallops, or if you like oysters, Raspberry Point Oysters, just past cavendish. You get the oysters right out of the water....OMG. So good!

    2. The Kitchen Witch in Long River is a family friendly place with old fashioned home cooking.