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Jun 7, 2011 04:25 PM

Need to buy a gift card to Babbo in NY

Hey guys - I need to buy a restaurant gift card to Babbo in New York (my favorite restaurant - now that I moved to San Francisco I'm sending some friends there!) Was thinking about either buying a gift card through Babbo's site or using a digital gift card like those from What do you guys think is better? I like the idea of the recipient actually receiving something in hand with a Babbo card, but since I'm in San Francisco it would be easier for me to just send a digital one via email or Facebook. Thoughts?

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  1. The restaurant should be able to send the gift card to your friends for a mere $8 so you don't have to touch it and they still get a physical object. If they would send it to the buyer, i don't see why they wouldn't send it to the recipient.

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    1. re: babette feasts

      Hmm yeah I looked at that, but I wanted to send it to them for a dinner they have there Thursday so I'm not sure it would get there on send it overnight costs an extra $20 which seems crazy! If I send a digital one, they get it immediately and no chance of losing the card or anything like that. But sending something they can actually hold in their hands is obviously nice. Do you think it's that big of a deal to not have something they can actually hold?

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        I don't think it's that big a deal, and I'd rather have an extra $20 to spend at babbo!

        1. re: babette feasts

          Haha that is very true I very much agree - that is exactly the price of their "mint love letters", my favorite dish there which is basically spicy lamb sausage in a mint letter-shaped ravioli!

    2. Do they have a reservation? If so, won't Babbo take the info from you with how much you want to have their bill credited? Unless they already know you are planning on getting them a gift certificate, it would be a really nice surprise for them. Or even when they arrive Babbo could give them the gift card from you. I'd think they'd like that very much, I know I certainly would.

      Just a thought.

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        Yeah they do have a reservation and that is a very good thought. I've had people do that for me before, for example, someone buying a drink for me for my 21st birthday (a number of years ago) by calling the restaurant since they couldn't be there and it was an excellent touch. But the more I think about it now, the more I like the ease of sending a digital gift card - my friends are pretty into technology (especially everything Apple makes) so it might be cool for them to get a gift card that they redeem by basically checking in on their phone like the one I mentioned earlier from GiftRocket!