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Jun 7, 2011 04:07 PM

What is your favorite way to prepare duck?

Recently I made duck and I think it was the best thing I ever made. What different and new ways have you seen duck being prepared? or cooked yourself?

Pan Roasted Duck Breast, Shaved Asparagus, Carbonated Golden Raspberry, Radish, Summer Truffle

The direction behind the dish was to balance out the fatty duck with light and acidic counterparts. Citrus is typically paired with duck, but I opted for something new and different with the golden raspberry. By carbonating the berry it became extremely refreshing.

After I cooked the duck there was residual fat left over that I used to toast some shredded bread. These were awesome, the flavor of the duck really came through.

Next, I made a quick vinaigrette by juicing golden raspberries and mixing that with some lemon juice, salt, pepper, and a little duck fat.

I was really happy with the final plate. Aesthetically, there were different colors and shapes that really made the plate pop. The different textures were exciting and the fat was balanced out well by the acid.

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  1. Duck confit served with potatoes Sarledaise--which are potatoes fried in duck fat and then tossed with chopped parsley and garlic, s&p and allowed to rest for 5 minutes.

    1. It's almost summer so classic confit is more or less out of the question as that's more of a fall/winter thing for me. But when it's time, I'm with escondido: it with pommes de terre à la sarladaise and a good Bordeaux, Pinot noir or Cahors is really nice.

      I am working on a controlled confit to update that classic for an upcoming dinner. And there's a duck prosciutto to prepare for that as well. Also on the to-do list is to figure out something to do with duck foot webbing and duck tongues as a tapa, and to get some duck necks for sausage.

      I have done lots of sous-vide duck breast with the skin prepared separately - you can take a look at this as an extreme controlled preparation of magret or Peking duck depending on what else is prepped.

      Another was a roast half-duck based on a butchery technique of Simon Wright, but with a little transglutaminase and controlled temperature cooking to really protect the breast meat while the thigh cooks as well.

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        There is no such thing as out of the season confit :) When we stayed in Sarlat in the summer, my husband had confit for lunch and dinner three days in a row! I was a slouch to him, only once a day.

        1. re: escondido123

          I was talking about making it from scratch, not eating it.

          I spent my time in Sarlat eating charcuterie and truffles.

      2. depends on what part of the duck -- magret is best pan-roasted or grilled (cook like any lean cut of 4-legged beast, as the flesh itself is very lean)

        Legs and thighs are best braised or confit.

        And don't waste a single drop of the duck fat -- best fat ever.

          1. slow-roast with ale sauce