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Jun 7, 2011 03:04 PM

Decline in Nabisco Quality?

Is it just me, or has the quality of (at least some) of Nabisco's products declined?

I like Triscuit and Wheatsworth crackers. DW likes their Premium Saltines and Wheat Thins. It seems "in the old days" all the crackers were of uniform size and color. Lately, Triscuit and Wheat Thins in particular have a lot of "off size," misshapen, or over-baked crackers in the package. Ones the optical sorters (and the human sorters) used to reject.

We both have also noticed broken, "half" crackers in a sleeve or saltines or Wheatsworth. Not whole crackers that broke in shipment, but half a cracker in the stack...something the weighing equipment should have rejected.

It is almost like someone has said, "Look at all these rejects! A few of these mixed in a package won't matter, we'll have less waste, and make more money."

Anyone else noticed this?

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  1. I actually just bought my first box of Wheat Thins in a few years. I noticed a lot of them were halves (not broken in half, but only half of a cracker with smooth edges) or misshapen (not square or rectangle). I even found a few "double-wides" (two crackers fused together).

    However I wouldn't say the quality of the cracker (taste, crunch, color) itself suffered any. I actually have been wondering why I stopped buying them.

    I do keep Premium Saltines on hand and have also found a few half-crackers in the stack. But it's usually only one here or there so I don't feel like I'm being ripped off or anything.

    I'm also pretty easy to please and don't tend to complain about most things (like when my Starbucks barista hands me a drippy coffee lid or a restaurant forgets to leave something off my plate). So long as it tastes fine and isn't spoiled/moldy/etc. I'm a happy eater. Especially with salty snack foods!

    But... as with most things these days... I'm unfortunately never surprised to find a decline in quality from when I was a kid.

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    1. re: nothingswrong

      I guess I didn't make myself completely clear. The taste, crunch, etc. is still fine and I don't intend to stop buying them. If I'm really bored I might complaint to Nabisco and score some coupons. : > ) But like I said, the visual quality, the things the optical sorters and scales reject are being put back into the packaging line.

      It is also something you don't see in other products, even store brands. It is definitely something you never used to see from Nabisco.

      1. re: al b. darned

        Nor me until yesterday.
        The only thing regular enough here to notice mishaps that have nothing to do with shipping and handling is the Original Saltine or Wholegrain Saltine.Yesterday I openned three new boxes.Each box was pristine on the outside.Each box had two stacks NOT SEALED,only a messy crimp that was 80% short of sealed.I purchased 16 boxes on Sunday to send out
        a stack with each of our tree crew guys everyday this week as part of an afternoon snack working Irene hours.Was I PISSED?You bet,at 05:00 openning 7 boxes (28 stacks) to have 12 sealed just sucked.So later in the AM back to the store,customer service,that I am happy to report understood my predicament.Box after box had one or two open stacks so we spent 10 minutes getting 60 sealed stacks.BS such as this is on Nabisco.

        I haven't noticed any odd or broken so far in what we eat at home.Am I taking notice of these remarks?You bet and sorry to hear I am not alone.We really like some Nabisco stuff.

        1. re: lcool

          I used to love wheat thins. Then, some ten years ago they started adding sugar, probably corn syrup. The crackers have never been the same. To me they are practically inedible for the savory purposes I intend them. But I find this to be true of very many once upon a time savory items. Sweetening is added to so many items inappropriately, in my opinion. I have to stop buying the item, but evidently I am in the minority on this.

          1. re: jmnewel

            I am with about the sweet note.There are three or four crackers we used to love that just aren't the same.

    2. yes i have gotten triscuits lately that are over baked? to the point of being inedible...

      and i like nutter butters..and havent had them in a while...the recent ones i have gotten dont taste the same

      and cheese they are basically copies of cheez-its...

      1. The Premium Original crackers from Walmart here are not original. They taste like crap. The carton looks different and has markings as if they came from Mexico. It only gives an american address as the headquarters. What happened to: "We buy american when we can so that you can too" That didn't last very long did it? I remember a good cracker from Wertz in Fort Smith AR when I was a lad. Think I'll swing by on my next trip trhough and see if I can find an edible cracker.

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        1. re: address 4

          Wal-mart hasn't made any efforts to buy American for a long time, including their food. They buy what's cheap. Bottom line is whatever they can bully someone into lowering their price to, that's what they'll buy.

          On a Nabisco-related disappointment, though I'm not sure it's their fault, I was disheartened to find that the Red Cross is no longer giving out Lorna Doones and other Nabisco snacks after donating blood. This was always my go-to shortbread treat for donating, and the only time i ever rewarded myself with cookies, as I usually avoid desserts of any kind. I was crestfallen to find they are now, nationwide, no longer offering these (or Oreos, or Nutter Butters, or the other nabisco stuff), just General Mills snacks.

        2. The original comment has been removed