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Jun 7, 2011 02:03 PM

Graeter's Ice Cream on the west coast

Picked up a pint of Graeter's Coconut Chip ice cream last night at Ralph's and almost finished the whole thing! I love those soft chocolate chips! I remember having Graeter's in Ohio day on the road I spotted it in Kentucky and made a quick U-turn, this stuff is addicting.

They also had Black Raspberry Choc Chip, Mocha Chip, Vanilla and a Toffee flavor. The chips are dark and delicious, but are soft, almost like a fudge whirl in the ice cream rather than chips.

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  1. According to a report in the WSJ a couple of months ago, Graeter's was expanding its manufacturing capability without sacrificing it's high quality standards. Their small batch "French Pot" method made them legendary among ice cream snobs. Since Ralphs is a part of Krogers, another Cincy company, it makes sense that that's where you found it. As a former Cincinnatian this is great news!

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      If you find a place in LA that serves a 5 way, let me know.

    2. It's funny, because, yesterday, I mail-ordered some Graeter's as a Father's Day present to my dad in Oregon and on a lark inserted my zip code to see if there was any Graeter's near me. It came up with all the local Ralphs, which came as a total shock. I was actually just going to post if anyone had actually seen the ice cream in stores. So I guess it's a very recent development.

      I only had Graeter's once when our neighbor formerly of Cincinnati special ordered it for his 40th birthday. I still remember it as some of the best ice cream I've ever had.

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          Just punch in your zip code at this link and it will tell you where you can get Graeter's ice cream in LA.

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            It's been spotted at the Ralph's in Glendale and Montrose. And we are very VERY happy about that : )