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Jun 7, 2011 01:58 PM

Has anyone toured the Abita Brewery?

If so is it worth an afternoon trip?

We are going to be in town for a bachelor party and since most of us get down to New Orleans a few times a year we thought it may be fun to check something else out. We plan on renting a limo to get there and spend the afternoon at the Abita brewery then heading over to La Provence for dinner.

I haven't been to La Provence either but I assume it's great.

La Provence
25020 Highway 190, Lacombe, LA 70445

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  1. Its a great day. Just make sure you dont have to drive!

    1. I believe they are changing the rules as they learn to deal with the crowds. Back in the day, you could get to the tour early, hang out and drink beer, take the tour and then hang out and drink beer, all for free. Last time I went was about 6-8 months ago. I hear now they are so crowded that they have to limit the time that people spend in the tasting room. The tour is pretty lame. The fact that you can pour your own beer and hang out is legendary. Been going on the tours for at least 7-8 years and it has always been a riot.

      1. i have been disappointed by La Provence. last visit was Easter brunch/dinner, and outside one appetizer everything fell flat. my softshell crab and poached eggs dish was horrible, the strawberry shortcake was a failure, the pork wasnt great, etc.. the crawfish & dumplings app was fantastic, but that was it.

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        1. re: kibbles

          Really? I've been to all the other Besh Restaurants multiple times and have enjoyed them all.

          We actually may skip La Provence -- I'm not sure the atmosphere is conducive to a bachelor party crowd.

          What's the dress code and general feel of the restaurant?

          La Provence
          25020 Highway 190, Lacombe, LA 70445

          1. re: klebb

            When we went to La Provance there were us elders in sport coats, with a few ties, and the un-elders in shorts and flip-flops, and a scattering of others with a few clothing stages in between.

            The main room is quiet but there is a side room in which they could put a group.

        2. Went to La Provance late last year and it was good but not great. Worth giving it another go.

          If you want to stay in town look into the New Orleans Rum tour. I took a bunch of engineers last fall and it was a very interesting and highly technical tour led by the master distiller. The cost is $5 a person but you then get to sample the 3 products and will get $5 off any bottle you buy. I thought I'd never be a spiced rum fan but their Cajun Spiced Rum changed my mind.

          Afterwards you are still close to the FQ and all the downtown restaurants.

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          1. re: collardman

            it is awesome! try to go when it is not a peak time (Saturday). it is great. short tour but they do not skimp on the free beer! it made me like them even more. totally worth it and you guys will have a fun drive. for dinner though i would say maybe hit Sal and Judy's or Nuvolari's. The Columbia Street Taproom in Covington is a great place for beer selection and they have killer bar food if you guys wanted to go more casual. In regards to Abita Tour it is not a long tour but you get enough of the eduction and plenty of fresh beer. Def go in a off time. Maybe a Friday better than a Saturday.

            Sal and Judy's Restaurants
            Highway 190, Lacombe, LA 70445

          2. I recommend calling ahead. We ended up out there one afternoon when the tours had been cancelled for the day, I forget exactly why. If you end up at the brewpub, don't miss the BBQ crab legs. Everything else we had was standard brewpub fare, which is to say unremarkable -- though the beer was cold and plentiful.

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            1. re: montuori

              Thanks for all the info.

              I called ahead and they said they would make sure to have enough staff there for our group. We are going on a Friday afternoon so hopefully it won't be too crowded.

              We decided to skip La Provence since we can get an equally good meal in New Orleans and we won't have to pay for a limo to wait on us. We are going to Patois instead.

              La Provence
              25020 Highway 190, Lacombe, LA 70445

              1. re: klebb

                Also, NOLA Brewing at Tchoup and Seventh Street in the Irish Channel does tours right in Orleans Parish! However, it's only once a week, Fridays at 2pm. Much self service and beer drinking and fun times.