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Jun 7, 2011 12:55 PM

Korean-ish Restaurant Uptown

Hi! Looking for a Korean (or at least kind of) place for dinner tonight but my parents can't travel very far, anywhere within 15 minutes or so of Bayview and Eglinton?

I loooooveeee kimchi!


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  1. not sure if you will find kimchi but you will find a very good Korean-ish restaurant at Bathurst & Eglinton called Stone Bowl - - variations on the bibimbop in stone bowls...probably the best bibimbap in town...

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    1. re: berbere

      The place on Eglinton West is actually called Bi Bim Bap. Stone Bowl is the name of their website. Guess was already taken. And they make their own kimchee. Lots of vegetarian options, too.

      Discussed at length here:

    2. I wouldn't consider it the best and I find it overpriced, however that may be because I don't mind going to the more authentic restaurants. Op, is yonge and Steele's too far?

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        I'm late replying to your dinner request, but like szw, I'm also thinking that you could go to at least Sheppard and Yonge (and then anywhere along Yonge up to Steeles) to find a ton of Korean restaurants. My googlemapping says it's about 12 mins to Sheppard and Yonge! Then there are a bunch of threads with recommendations for that area.

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          I, too, find BiBimBap overpriced for what you get. And also under-seasoned. The hottest sauce available is not hot at all and the kimchi is mild enough for a one-year-old. When the owner was questioned about this, he advised that authentic Korean food is not very spicy and that other Korean restaurants in the city have gotten into the habit of over-spicing their sauces because of the chiles that are available here. Huh?