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Jun 7, 2011 12:52 PM

Where to buy a nice Charcoal Grill?


I want to buy my husband a really nice, large charcoal grill. Any idea where I can I can find something beyond the tiny webber ones?


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  1. Hogg Hardware in Westmount used to have an absolutely massive collection of grills/BBQs. I know they've downsized, but perhaps you could give them a call.

    1. Joey BBQ on Pierrefonds is another possibility.

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      1. re: wattacetti

        Thanks for the suggestions guys, but no dice. I called them and they both only sell the weber kettle type grill. :(

        1. re: parrish5

          Hmm. Have you already tried the big-box stores like Reno Depot, Home Depot and Rona?

          Also found this thread that may have other ideas. It also says that Hogg might be able to order the Weber model you want - something to consider?

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            The weber kettle comes in sizes from 12 to 36 inches diameter. The 36 incher is a HUGE thing. They have recently introduced a 26" model. I usually cook on an 18" unit - but sometimes on my 22.5" grill. Most folks find them big enough and they are extremely well respected.

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              Thanks, I will take a look, he is just used to a big pit with a smoker on the side, but it is really old and a hand me down from my Dad. (I am from Texas where grilling on anything but charcoal is a big no no.) I appreciate all of the help very much. :)

        2. I haven't been there in a while, but Alternatives on Hymus in Kirkland might have what you're looking for. I know they carry the Big Green Egg, which comes in various sizes, from 9" to 24".


          Big Green Egg: -

          1. Spotted a couple of years ago at Home Depot, no idea if still sold: a charcoal grill the same size and shape as a standard large gas grill, only with a fire-box instead of burners and plumbing.

            The attractive thing about this is that the height of the fire-box was adjustable, and of course you have grates at two levels -- unlike a Weber kettle, where you have a single non-adjustable grate and have to make all your heat adjustments by building just the right size fire in the right location (not to mention that a Weber works best with briquettes, not lump charcoal).

            Or if you're willing to drop a grand or so for the ultimate charcoal grilling experience, you can find a Big Green Egg or similar (Komodo Joe) at (I believe) La Maison d'Émilie on Laurier W.

            BTW, if buying at a big-box or Hogg, go ASAP. Typically these stores stock up once at the beginning of the season and that's it. As they sell out of a given model, they rarely if ever re-stock until the following spring.

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              I know this will get split from the discussion but I still need to ask... why do you say that Weber works best with briquettes?

              1. re: Simon Patrice

                The kettle's lower grate is better suited to briquettes - the bars are spaced so that unless your lump charcoal is all large chunks, a lot of material falls through. It does still work well with a little practice, it's just a little tricky.

                I use a ~$70 bbq sold in most hardware stores. It's a squarish, somewhat kettle-like thing with a hinged lid and adjustable (3-position) grate, easily removed if you need to add charcoal. Instead of a lower grate for holding fuel, there's a side-vented pan, which works well with lump charcoal. Definitely good value for money, though I wouldn't recommend it for someone looking for a "really nice, large" grill.

            2. Best thing to do would be to find the model you want to buy online, and then look for a brick and mortar retailer in the area.

              I remember about 10 years ago, my parents were looking for a vermont castings BBQ, and it turned out one of the retailer was a propane distributor in an industrial park in brossard, without looking online for the retailers, there would have been no way to find out that place