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Jun 7, 2011 12:46 PM

Help, need a sub for unseasoned rice vinegar!

Here's what I've got: cider, red wine, white wine, sherry, champagne, golden balsamic, cheap balsamic, expensive balsamic and plain old distilled. What would you use? Or do I really have to run to the store? Can't believe I let us run out of the stuff...

Here's what I'm making:

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  1. I think that cider vinegar will play nicely with the flavors. I'd use that or the white wine vinegar. You stock vinegars like I do! I also have banyuls.
    I adore unseasoned rice vinegar. It's one of my favorites. In fact, yesterday I made chicken marbella and didn't have red wine vinegar on hand, so I used rice, balsamic and banyuls for the marinade.
    Avoid the seasoned rice vinegar-- it's loaded with salt.

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    1. re: monavano

      I disagree - IME cider vinegar adds a pronounced musky flavor that white vinegars do not. I would use white wine, golden balsamic, or plain white. For any of these, use less than called for and add if you need it after tasting.

      1. re: greygarious

        Musky..hmmmm. That's interesting. Never regarded it as such. I find it bright.

    2. I find cider vinegar a good one to use in Asian cooking, sometimes use it even though I have rice vinegar on hand. I think it'll suit your dish fine.

      1. I'm in the cider vinegar camp. Closer levels of sweetness and acidity than the others, imo.

        1. Thanks, CH people! I went with the white wine vinegar at first, and it was nice, but then I added a splash of cider vinegar at the end for some extra tang. I did find some ume plum vinegar in the cupboard later, but thought the flavors wouldn't work well. I'll serve this with some sriracha, which a lot of the Epi reviewers recommended. It's just my family, so they'll forgive me if this isn't a top-rated dinner!