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Jun 7, 2011 12:17 PM

Looking for inexpensive - moderate food near downtown Westin, w/caveats

We'll be traveling with a teen who has very limited food likes. Acceptable foods include steak, plain burgers, chicken strips, grilled chicken breast, plain ground beef tacos. Very straightforward food with no sauces, etc. No Indian, Thai, Chinese foods. The rest of us like most anything.

We could always pick up food from 2 places close to each other and have a picnic. Also, we could always go to her restaurant first and she can enjoy a dessert while the rest of us have dinner at a second place. Would like them to be fairly near each other, though. We're walking.

. Any Little Italy recs that don't necessarily have to meet the requirements listed above?

. Any good food trucks in this area?

I'm very interested in any info you can offer because there's no time to prepare for this trip. We will not have a car.

Thanks very much! Never been to San Diego and looking forward to it.

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  1. There's loads of places in gaslamp that meet your requirements, like fridays, del taco, and other chains so you wont starve.

    You could probably go to burger lounge, there's one in little italy and the last time i was downtown they were building on in gaslamp. but beware, the burger may have "flavor".

    anyways, i'll come off my high horse now. If you browse through some older posts you'll see lots of people recommend some places, like cafe chloe, the mission, hane sushi, basic pizza, alchemy (not in downtown but close by taxi)...etc.

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    1. re: kriot

      Fair enough. Let's just forget the teen menu and assume we can find enough of that on our own. Any other ideas for good food around our area? We'll be near Little Italy and Gaslamp, I believe. Will also visit Coronado.
      A friend who was here suggested Pete's Quality Meats.

      I'll sift through old posts again, got a bit overwhelmed first round. ;)

      thanks for your help, kriot.

      Pete's Quality Meat
      1742 1 2 India St, San Diego, CA

      1. re: Nicolette S

        In Little Italy, the two best places IMO are buon appetito and Bencotto. Afterwards you can walk to Extraordinary Deserts if your child hasn't had his or her fix of plain food. Can this teen eat spaghetti with sauce? There is an argenitinian restaurant also in the area called puerto la boca that might have steaks that might be straight forward enough for your child.

    2. I think Craft and Commerce in Little Italy would be suitable for everyone. They have burgers and you can add grilled chicken to their salads, etc and the rest of their menu is very fun (my favorite mussels in the area).

      1. Please don't even ask about the trying to please everyone thing...BUT I was on my own today and had the most delicious supper at Pete's Meats in Little Italy. Homemade Italian sausage with peppers and onions in a proper roll really hit the spot after walking around Balboa Park and then over to Pete's. I had planned to try to find Marisco's German's truck today but never made it.

        We did make it to Extraordinary Desserts the other day and found everything to be really beautiful. The blood orange ricotta torte was delicious.

        Craft & Commerce looked good to me but didn't pass muster. Tough crowd.

        Would still love to get some shrimp, crab, or fish tacos while here but don't know what my opportunities will be.
        It's been painful to eat in restaurants that offer shrimp alright, but it's breaded, frozen, and fried.

        I'm back at the hotel now but might go out in search of shrimp or crab if I get a second wind.

        Thanks for the help, I appreciate your effort!

        Extraordinary Desserts
        2929 5th Ave, San Diego, CA 92103

        Balboa Park
        1549 El Prado Ste 8, San Diego, CA 92101

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        1. re: Nicolette S

          Get thee on the Blue Line trolley headed to Old Town. Get off at the Washington Street stop and walk east on Washington up to India. Cross the street (Washington) and walk down about a block and a half to Blue Water Grill. You can get a good to very good (depending upon who you talk to on this boar <gg>) fish or shrimp taco. Not that far from you

          1. re: DiningDiva

            Funny you should say that, I had actually looked at that very option but decided I was too tired and sore (and alone) to do it late. It was one of the places I'd read about on these boards and had hoped to try. Also on my list was jsix, but it wasn't to be. Also, I'd wanted to have fish tacos at Brigantine's in Coronado but that, too, was nixed. We had a burger at Danny's and had a crab ale fondue app at the Hotel during happy hour. I wasn't expecting much but it was tasty, had plenty of crab, and we ate every bite. Finally, though, I had to accept that this was just not going to be my food vacation. Next time I go with eaters.

            Thanks again for the help!

        2. Will you be here Saturday morning? If so, I can't think of a better morning spent downtown than at the Little Italy Farmer's Market. Plenty of cheap eats and free samples!! It's definitely walking distance from your hotel. Market favorites include panini, crepes, tamales, fresh bread, cheese, thai coconut pancakes (so naughty, but worth it!), and there are a couple food trucks that I can't vouch for since I haven't tried them yet. At the very west end of the market, there's a rotisserie truck that does bbq chicken--perfect for the teen! Live music, lots of people watching, and plenty of sweet treats for dessert round out your morning. Hopefully the sun will make an appearance :)
          Good luck, and have fun in SD!