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Jun 7, 2011 12:05 PM

Glass or Plastic Jars

I know there is a big thing going on with the BPA scare that could be in plastic jars... I have always considered glass to be associated with a bit higher quality of product, and the fact you can reuse the glass jar for basically an eternity is excellent.

Do you guys prefer products in glass over plastic? Also for what reasons? I usually reuse my glass jars for granola, beans, brown rice, etc...

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  1. Glass for sure. BPA issues aside, it doesn't stain or retain odors like plastic does. (Not that I never use plastic...)

    1. even my daughter's bottles are glass. =)

      1. I love glass because things don't go bad as quickly in them. rworange on this site was mentioning this with berries so I tested storing berries in a plastic cup and berries in a glass cup. I was really shocked to find my glass cup berries good after a week. the strawberries even firmed up somehow. I save glass jars from spaghetti sauce.

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          Good to know! I always save glass containers, big ones to store things like grains and pastas in, and condiment ones to store sauces in, but never thought to store produce of any kind in a jar. It's usually plastic takeout style quart containers that I buy in bulk.

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            Your mention of storing berries in jars made the "Oh. Yeah." bell ring in my head: I remembered buying strawberries. Over three weeks ago. I usually use glass for berries, but the only large jar I had was a plastic mayo jar. I thought I'd try it, as we'd be eating up the berries quickly. Hah. (How could I forget berries for three freakin' weeks?) I had to run to the fridge to check.

            But: they're still fine! And even though I've not noticed it before, you're right about the berries being firmer. I wonder how that works.

            So: plastic with a lid works too. The berries-in-jars tip is one of my all-time favorites.

            Now: eating my unexpected berries.

            1. +1 for glass. it's non-reactive, and as choctasic noted, produce stays fresh much, much longer.

              i just found some rosemary that's been in the back of the fridge for at least a month (i know, i know), and it's still green and fragrant.