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Jun 7, 2011 09:13 AM

Boiled Peanuts!

Last month i was at Fairway in NYC when I picked up some Hampton roasted peanuts in the shell. It was unlike other roast peanuts in that they were flavorful, almost peanut buttery, and not as dry. Last night I went back to get more and saw that they also have Raw Peanuts in the shells. Same green and red packaging , with instruction to soak them in brine overnight and then cook for 4 hours.

This morning's breakfast is...boiled peanuts in their shells! Reminded me of Taiwanese food stands. Delicious. They are fuller and plumper than the raw peanuts in the shell I get in Chinatown.

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  1. In the early fall when they dig peanuts here, they are in all of the stores...Fresh dug, raw, green peanuts "boiled" to perfection is a Southern delicacy.....People buy them by the Sack...40-50 lbs....cook them up and freeze in small snack size quantities...Usually a couple of pounds at least! Road side vendors spring up everywhere selling them. ~~ We always cook up a couple of batches in Crab Boil too!

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    1. re: Uncle Bob

      (why do I have a feeling we don't live that far apart?)haha
      We do the same. Boil some with mild flavors and some with crab boil and cayenne. Love it when the jumbo-size ones are available. We, too, cook a ton of them and freeze for the rest of the year. One of my favorites!

      1. re: bayoucook

        (why do I have a feeling we don't live that far apart?)haha

        Probably not very many miles....In Southern DNA, we're shoulder to shoulder and eye -to eye :))

      2. re: Uncle Bob

        I have very fond memories of attending a music festival, sitting in the middle of a field with good friends and communal sacks of boiled peanuts and Scuppernong grapes. We each had our own solo cups for shells, peels, and seeds of course.

      3. Hot boiled peanuts is one of the most wonderful aspects of fall in the South!

        A cool crisp day, a drive in the country to see the leaves changing and a roadside stand bag of hot boiled peanuts and a cola...perfect!

        1. I remember trying them when I was a kid, we drove across Florida from Gulf to Atlantic coasts and stopped at a roadside stand (where the dog would steal pecans from the bin and managed to crack them open & eat the nut inside... smart dog) Being from "up north" we'd never had anything like it before. My sister and I polished off an entire bag between the two of us, they were even a little smoky - cooked outside in a HUGE black cauldron over an open flame... we begged our parents to stop at every Hot Boiled Peanut sign we saw from there on... oh and we begged to stop for drinks just as often
          I've bought Whiley's boiled peanuts in a can, which aren't too bad... but it's really just not quite the same

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          1. re: cgarner

            Good that you got to them as my experience adults rarely cotton to them. Some Russian friends loved them, coming to thm in their 30's...and I have one friend who is ambivalent about them but in my world it is a love-em-or-hate-em sort of thing. My father refused to have anything to do with a boiled peanut that did not start out as a green peanut. Only in season. Used to be we;d go out in September/October but I now see green peanuts in August and am pleased to say that around that time my friends hound me for the first batch of the year.

            1. re: hazelhurst

              I love them - and came to them as an adult. I asked a friend who was going to visit me from FL to bring me some. She didn't have time to get them from a roadside stand, so she got me some from the grocery store in a plastic bag that you microwave before eating. Not NEARLY as good. Next time, I'll ask her not to bother if she doesn't have time to get "real" ones!

              1. re: woodleyparkhound

                Glad that you are an anomaly to my "research data"." next time just ask you friend to bring you some green peanuts from the grocery and do them yourself. Ain't nothin' to it.

          2. Do they taster much different in a can than the fresh. I have seen them from time to time while travelling and wanted to try them. So, recently i saw some canned green boiled peanuts. I think the brand was Peanut Patch or something like that. Anyway, the taste was just not very impressive to me. It was like straight salt. So, i rinsed them a lot, and the overwhelming flavor was still saltiness. I'm willing to try them again if i see fresh somewhere if i hear that they are much better, but if they are just a little better, then i'd probably not bother.

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            1. re: TroyTempest

              Doesn't virtually everything taste better fresh as opposed to canned?

              1. re: carolinadawg

                yeah, of course, but what i asked was, are the fresh significantly better.
                For example fresh green peas are significantly better than canned. In fact to me, they almost taste like different food altogether; However, something like pinto beans, while better fresh still taste like the same beginning food, and can be doctored to taste somewhat respectable.

                1. re: TroyTempest

                  IMO, virtually everything fresh is significantly better than canned. I've never been tempted to try canned, boiled peanuts, but I can say the fresh ones are sublime.

                  1. re: carolinadawg

                    They don't have them in my part of Texas. I have seen them driving through east Texas,, so If i get a chance i'll try them. These canned ones sucked.

                    1. re: TroyTempest

                      it's just not the same Troy, I feel your pain!

                      1. re: cgarner

                        Well, i haven't had any good ones yet (having had only tasted the canned), so i really don't have any pain. Maybe i should spare myself future pain and not try the fresh ones ;-)

                        1. re: TroyTempest

                          nah! there's nothing better than a bag of hot *fresh* smoky salty boiled peanuts!

              2. re: TroyTempest

                I can't compare the canned from fresh., as I have only had fresh, which do tend to be quiet salty. I don't care for them myself (and am a 3rd- gen Southerner transplanted to CT as an adult). My mom did send a can up to my DH once, but I don't think he ever opened them. He adores them fresh, though, and was born and raised in CT, and was intro'd to them as an adult. We are really skewing the research!

                1. re: TroyTempest

                  Freshly steamed/boiled green peanuts are at the top. Then comes the semi-dried, still in shell, soaked then steam/boiled ones.

                  I think with both you can control the saltness if you cook it yourself.

                  Canned anything always seem just a bit dulled and metallic.

                  My local Fairway still carry the Hampton Farm peanuts both raw and roasted. Else where you can order them.

                2. Never tried these southern gems, but I'm aching to.