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Jun 7, 2011 07:50 AM

Solo dining at the beach tonight--tacos preferred

in town for one night and would love to spend it at the beach. Have car, will drive. Ideally, would grab some great seafood or fish tacos and be able to walk around a little bit afterwards, maybe st somewhere for a drink....recommendations?

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  1. Beach + Fish Tacos = South Beach Bar and Grille in Ocean Beach.

    5059 Newport Ave (right next to the pier)

    San Diego, CA 92107

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    1. Where are you staying in SD?
      We have lots of coastline..

      Bull Taco in Cardiff if your in North County..
      Brigantine in Del Mar/Solana Beach/Coronado/Shelter Island for everyday happy hour fish tacos..
      World Famous for lobster tacos in Pacific Beach..oceanfront sliding in on your bike cruiser.

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        Went to Bull Taco two weeks ago for the first time after several months and the tacos were just awful and some of the worst we have eaten in SD (in addition some of their unusual tacos were at least one of the reasons to go there but they don't offer them anymore). The location really helps to forget some of the crappy food but not enough to really recommend Bull Taco.

      2. May want to consider Happy Hour at World Famous in Pacific Beach, right on the beach. Good selection of HH goodies including fish taco's, great views, as well as views of the beach and ocean.

        World Famous
        711 Pacific Beach Dr, San Diego, CA 92109

        1. Bahia Don Bravo, Bird Rock. Very casual. If you're lucky, there's a seat outside with an ocean view. Afterward, you can walk down to the ocean. You can also walk down La Jolla Blvd to Beaumont's for a drink. There are also several parks along the Bird Rock coastline. It's a locals' place for fish tacos and lobster burritos.

          lso, Lara's (aka La Playa) Taco Shop, 3973 Mission Blvd. A total hole-in-the-wall in the shadow of the Catamaran Resort but a beloved favorite of the Mission Beach locals and the international kids from the nearby hostel. The lady who takes your order is not Lara, but she knows all the local kids by their first names. Very sweet. The carnitas tacos are outstanding and the fish tacos are pretty good too. The Pacific/Mission Beach boardwalk is a block away and goes for miles and miles. There are a zillion places to have drinks along the boardwalk, including JRDN @ Tower 23 Hotel. Lara's has a tiny parking lot.

          Bahia Don Bravo
          5504 La Jolla Blvd, La Jolla, CA 92037

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          1. re: pickypicky

            Thanks everyone for your suggestions...appreciate the tips!