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Jun 7, 2011 07:05 AM

Which Viking for you? - Open Burner VS Dual Fuel

I'm shopping for a 30" gas range - I've been back and forth but have decided that I would like a "REAL" range - Viking seems to be close to the top of my list. I think my choice be an open burner with dual fuel but that doesn't seem to be an option - and I might not know enough good reasons to really be making the choice that I would want.

If you all had to choose a 30" Viking what would your preference be and why? - or if there is a different range out there I should look at let me know.

Also a side question - I always thought I wanted one with self clean but I have heard bad things about what happens to some people after they use the self clean - lots of problems come up - is that true with reliable brands or just a fluke that can happen if you get a lemon?

Thanks much for your time.

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  1. Before buying ANY Viking you might want to check out this thread:

    1. I have had viking appliances for over five years and have never had an issue and I use them heavily. I have a 42" dual fuel with the grill option. When I purchased my appliances, a one year warranty was offered...I think Viking is now offering a three year warranty which most other manufacturers won't offer.

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        Thanks for the info. I went to a show room and they don't carry the all gas range with open burners so it doesn't seem like an option - The choice they had was between a 30" dual fuel with regular manual controls or for $600 more with electronics. Anyone have experience with Viking electronics. - I hope the problems I read about in the thread were about the gas oven and so not applicable to me. - Maybe I should look at Wolf more?

        1. re: frznrth

          Wolf, Capital Culinarian, and Bluestar all have their fans. Check out the gardenweb appliance forum for lots of opinions.

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            Thanks - will do - before I leave though - I was "sold" on Viking after hearing from a sales person that there sealed burners are unique in that they angle the flame up across the middle to give good distribution - something only Viking does?