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Jun 6, 2011 11:51 PM

Vegan food shopping in New Haven, CT

We're moving to New Haven, CT (Fair Haven Heights) this month and I'd be really grateful if someone could point me toward the best places to get the best vegan goodies:

>Middle Eastern (esp. Turkish) foods, products and spices?

>Best East Asian grocer, especially if they have fresh tofu?

>Best place for South Asian groceries and spices?

>Ital, especially veggie patties?

>Best farmer's market for produce? (We visited the one in Westville area, but were disappointed at so few actual vegetables on the tables...)

I'm an avid foodie and generally prefer to cook at home, but if you want to recommend restaurants, I'd welcome any suggestions.


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  1. I buy Turkish/Middle Eastern supplies at a market across from the library in West Haven on Campbell Ave., sorry but I don't remember the name but they have a very good selection of groceries and spices.
    Asian groceries I buy at J Mart at 45 Orange St. next to Miso and across from Nini's Tapas and Royal palace.
    S.E. Asian groceries Thai/Malay I buy at a store on Foxon Blvd. around the corner from
    Domino's Pizza.
    Berst Farmers Market is Wooster Street on Saturday mornings from 9-1.
    Thali 2 on Broadway has the best vegan offerings around, the food is delicious and reasonably priced.
    I don't know of any markets that make or sell their own veggie patties, you could try Edge of the Woods (a very large store) on Whalley Ave.
    Finally most of the restaurants around are usually happy to accommodate Vegan/Vegetarian diets with a little notice, like when you make your reservation.
    Good Luck and Welcome to New Haven

    4 Orange Street, New Haven, CT 06510

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      Thanks for your excellent guidance!
      That place, Edge of the Woods, is that Ital? I thought I saw an Ital restaurant somewhere between Westville heading back toward downtown. Or is there a Golden Crust in NH? I like their veg patties now and again.

      Thanks again, and looking forward to the shift!

      1. re: bringingitallback

        Edge of the Woods is a great grocery store with lots of vegan products (no meat sold) and Bridge tofu, the best and freshest in the region. There's a great vegan Jamaican just a few blocks away called Elaine's Healthy Choice and another good place not far from there is Claire's Corner Copia that has more and more vegan stuff. Edge has lots of international products but there are also lots of small groceries in West Haven and surrounding towns. Hong Kong Market is the cheapest in New Haven for Asian products but produce can be sketchy. Don't forget Fuel in Wooster Sqare for great vegan donuts and cupcakes!

        Claire's Corner Copia
        1000 Chapel St, New Haven, CT 06510

    2. One more note: You won't see many veggies on the tables at the farmer's markets for a few weeks yet, except for stuff from greenhouses. We had a cool spring and there's not much up at the farms yet, from what I'm hearing.

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        Wow, newhavener07, so happy to hear, not only that there's so much stuff around town, but that you all tend to be really responsive! I just discovered cityseeds and would like to get involved in some way. Thanks so much for pointing me toward Elaine's...Really looking forward to all this. Take care!

      2. For south Asian produce and groceries, you also might want to try #1 Farm Market on Ella Grasso Blvd. They also carry Latin American and African foods.

        Edge of the Woods on Whalley Ave. has lots of vegetarian/vegan foods, including a full bakery, juice bar etc. They carry some local produce and products and have bulk fresh tofu.

        I agree the Wooster Square farmer's market is the best of the New Haven ones. The Westville one gets better once the growing season is in full gear.

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          Thanks @shoes for the one-stop 'ethnic' food shop! Still looking for Mid-East, esp. Turkish stuff in New Haven. I'll be a pedestrian at least for a while, spoiled by the conveniences of public transportation...Thanks again!

          1. re: bringingitallback

            The "J" buses 5, 6, and 7 and the "B" buses 4, 5, 6,& 7 go down Campbell Ave. in West Haven where the Turkish markets are.

            You can pick these buses up downtown or get the J also at the train station.