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Jun 6, 2011 08:18 PM

chimay beer

where can i buy chimay beer in san diego.

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  1. BevMo, WF, TJ, WorldMarket etc. It's quite easy to find

    1. In what part of town are you located? Honkman's right, it's not difficult to find. Windmill Farms just across the freeway from SDSU always has it.

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        Thanks honkmann and DiningDiva, I live in East County so both places are close to my residents

      2. Even Von's carries Chimay.

        1. The Counter has it also if you want to enjoy it while eating a burger

          1. As everyone else has noted, Chimay is pretty easy to find. Now, if you are looking for extremely rare and interesting beers, the Best Damn Beer Shop (inside Super Junior's Market on 7th between C and Broadway) always impresses me with the beer selection. I tend to think of myself as a beer geek, and I usually find stuff I have never even heard of, and Sid (who runs the place) is extremely knowledgeable. However, no matter what Sid suggests, avoid the sour stout: its just wrong.