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Jun 6, 2011 08:01 PM

rehearsal dinner for 30 in Ogunquit or nearby

Hi, starting early as the wedding is in 2012 - looking for recommendations for good food and casual atmosphere for a rehearsal dinner spot - would even consider having something catered if there was a neat spot outside for a farm to table theme...any suggestions?

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  1. You could try Vinny's East Coast Grill on Rt. 1 in Ogunquit. They have a nice large back room there and the food (as far as im concerned) is good. Im not sure of the time of the year your are looking for but you could give them a try.

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      I'd recommend Katie's on Shore Road. The atmosphere is casual, but lovely and the food is creative -- and very good!

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        Don't know how much you want to spend, but MC Perkins Cove does have an upstairs that could fit the whole party.

    2. Your comment of a "farm to table theme" caught my attention. There is a place called Beach Plum Farm that permits people to farm in a plot they lease from the Beach Plum land trust. This location allows people to rent space on the property for parties/dinners. I know someone who last year had an anniversary dinner on the property. A rented tent was set up and the meal was catered. It made for an unusual setting. I don't know who they used for a caterer, I belive a caterer from Cape Porpoise, but if you are interested I could find out. Just a suggestion for a "neat spot outside for a farm to table theme."

      not sure if the link will work but if not please search Beach Plum Farm and good luck!