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Jun 6, 2011 06:31 PM

What kind of pan is this

I bought this pan last week at a Salvation Army store and thought it looked so much like a pop over pan except it has rounded bottoms. I want to try and make popovers. But could this be more like a pancake puff or Aebleskiver Pan that would be baked instead of cooked on a stove top. I just want to figure out what this is and I can start using it.

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  1. I have no idea, but I would guess for coddled eggs?

    1. I think it might be an aEbleskiver pan:Æbleskiver
      Sort of a cross between a pancake, waffle, and popover.

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      1. re: WCchopper

        Ebleskiver are usually cooked on the stovetop, not baked. It doesn't look like any kind of ebleskiver pan I've ever used -- not helpful to figure out what it is. Sorry...

        1. re: mmmmmmmmmgood

          This tin is called a mince pie tin and has the same shape a looks to be a similar size:

      2. I just saw one somewhere, but could not find it. I think it makes sphere cakes, bake and put two together with frosting. Like for baseballs etc.