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Jun 6, 2011 06:12 PM

Preparing for a power outage

Sorry if this is the wrong board, I couldn't think where to ask this. My neighbourhood's going to have the power out for 8 hours, and I was wondering if I need to be worried about the food in our fridge. It's about 25 degrees where I am- will anything spoil while the fridge is off for those 8 hours? I'm assuming everything in the freezer should be fine.

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  1. You shouldn't have any issue if the power is out for 8 hours provided you keep the fridge door closed as much as possible. Since you have the benefit of an advance notice, you could also prepare some ice blocks (freeze water in juice containers or something similar) just in case the power isn't restored in 8 hours you'll have them in your fridge to keep the temperature cool for an extended period.

    1. If your refrigerator is less than 20 years old, it should be very well insulated (In the U.S., Energy Star rated). No problem for eight hours. I'm quite farther south and the temp in mine went from 36 to 40 degrees F after a 24 hour outage in the summer.
      The above suggestion is excellent - pack your fridge with liquids to increase the thermal mass.
      Just in case, reserve a portable generator and get your neighbor to pay for it if necessary :-).

      1. All good suggestions. I recommend using drinking water jugs that you buy at the grocer to freeze, and then have in the fridge and freezer when the power goes out. Not sure if you mean it is 25 C or F, but the fridge should be well enough insulated to be OK for food as long as you do not open the door.

        If having the electric off affects other things--phone, well water, etc, --plan for those eventualities as well. Also, consider what you might do if the electric is off for longer than eight hours, and have plan b thought out.

        We recently lost power for about 5 hours, and we didn't open the fridge. For us this is a major problem because we have a well. Because of this sort of eventuality, I keep jugs of water here at all times. Some for drinking, others for other purposes. At any rate, several of those jugs, frozen, would be good to have in your fridge and freezer when the power goes off.

        1. Thanks guys! The food is the only thing I was really worried about, since no-one calls our landline, we can drink the tap water here, it's light outside until about 9:30 pm, etc. I doubt the outage will be longer than planned; they're just doing some routine maintenance I think.