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Jun 6, 2011 05:47 PM

Stirrings Liqueurs

So I was wondering if anyone has tried some of their stuff? I live in Portland, Or and we recently got their stuff at my favorite liquor store.
Out of their liqueurs I have tried the espresso, the ginger, and the triple sec.
They also carry pomegranate, apple, and peach.
The espresso is very intense. It reminds me of the pure flavor of espresso without being too cloyingly sweet. It can easily overpower a drink. This is very much different than Kahlua. Also, I bought some Galliano Ristretto yesterday because I was very curious. I prefer the Stirrings and it's about $10 cheaper. The Ristretto is more complex, but in a way that I feel takes away from the pure coffee flavor that I was hoping for.
The ginger liquer is also incredibly intense. It's just a really pure ginger flavor and it has a kick. Whereas Canton is more complex, this (stirrings) is just ginger. It's also not as sweet as Canton. I feel like Canton can get lost in a drink, but adds a nice dimension. The stirrings ginger can be a bully. So if you like ginger, this is for you.
The triple sec is fine, especially for the price. Once again nothing complex, but for $14 a nice mixer.
Has anyone else tried their other stuff and can you please comment. More curious than anything. Oh yeah and these liqueurs are all $14 here and about $10 online.

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  1. I got their Blood Orange bitters for $5.99 (12 oz). I am new to bitters so can't comment on the quality, but it seems decent enough and is very inexpensive compared to other bitters. It is sweeter and more fruity than Aperol, with a more straightforward orange flavor. .

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      I tried their bitters a few years ago, and they are bitters in name only. Very straight forward orange with no complexity. Tasty though!

      1. re: quazi

        It seems to go well with tonic drinks, I added to a gin/tonic and bourbon/tonic and it turned out pretty good. I even got adventurous and tried a cachaca/tonic - which didn't work by itself at 1:3 ratio - but with 1/2 oz of Stirrings orange bitters it was not bad.

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        Stirrings Blood Orange Bitters were a great addition to the scene several years ago when bitters (other than Angostura) were hard to come by and few people were producing them. Now, there are tons of offerings and can be compared better side by side. Their "bitters" are closer to a tangy syrup.

      3. I tried the pomegranate one and didn't like it. I don't have any left to taste, so alas I can't really elaborate. We prefer the Pama enough to pay the extra money. Pama is quite complex and has a cranberry-like flavor.

        Pama Batidas are our main use -- sort of a house drink for those not interesting in something more adventurous. They just weren't as good with the Stirrings.

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        1. re: EvergreenDan

          So is Pama basically alcoholic grenadine, or is there more to it than that?

          1. re: davis_sq_pro

            The Pama is fairly tart, tastes more like alcoholic pomegranate juice.

            1. re: davis_sq_pro

              Katie Loeb thinks it's a great rip-off and that a splash of cranberry is equivalent flavor-wise. I think it has an interesting flavor -- much more complex than fresh pomegranate and only reminiscent of bottled cranberry juice. It does come in 375ml bottles if you want to try it. It is easy to use up (unlike a number of bottles that I have). I haven't really experimented much beyond the batida, but I'm thinking it could work with bourbon in a sour, and with rum.